View Full Version : Madiges Fight & Power Stone 3 (OR region free hack)

03-06-2002, 10:23 AM
15 times orange-red

Ok, so if anyone here has ever played Power Stone, or Power Stone 2 for the DC by capcom, you know how great it is.

There is no good reason for capcom to not come out with power stone 3, becaues the power stone games are incredible. I havent heard anything about powerstones ever coming to xbox but man, I sure as hell hope someone thinks of it.

The only other option people have who are in love with that game who know its time to move from DC to XBOX is for the Japanese Game, Madiges Fight to come out in the US. Right now its schedule to be released in Japan on march 28th. So if for some reason this game doesnt do well and never sees a US release, then for christs sake, at least gimme a region hack. All I wanna do is play some 4 player power stones on the xbox. geeesh.

you guys agree with me or think im just nuts? i have been looking for power stone or madiges fight posts but they are a rarity.

maybe im the only fool who likes this type of game....which is unfortunate. it brings fighting games to a whole new level...kinda like super smash brothers melee for the GC.