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The Terminator
03-06-2002, 12:58 PM
Chances are this has been posted b4, but I'm too lazy to go search for it.

I have a JVC 36" TV w/ Digital Comb filter. It is not a HDTV. Would the Monster S-Video cable improve the graphics? If so, by how much? And would it be worth the $40.00??

l Maximus l
03-06-2002, 01:04 PM
Well, Terminator...if you are using the standard composite video cables that come with the XBox, then, ABSOLUTELY! The Monster S-Video cables would give you a vast improvement especially considering that you have a 36" TV.

I just bought a new 43" Toshiba HDTV and am using the Monster Component Video cables (not Composite, but, Component) and the difference is breathtaking. I had the Advanced A/V pack on my 36" Toshiba Tube TV (not HDTV) and the difference with the Advanced A/V Pack and the standard Composite cables was huge!

If I were you, I would recommend getting the Advanced A/V Pack over the Monster S-Video cables. They are less expensive and will essentially perform the same. The Advanced A/V Pack are the S-Video cables made from Microsoft. :)

03-06-2002, 01:08 PM
S-video Wires are only $6.99.

And yes its more that worth it.

The Terminator
03-06-2002, 01:09 PM
Cool! I think I'll go buy them this Friday =]

Thanks for the info, guys =]

l Maximus l
03-06-2002, 01:12 PM
Originally posted by The Terminator
Cool! I think I'll go buy them this Friday =]

Thanks for the info, man =]

You bet, buddy! You will see a huge difference...the picture will be much more rich in color...you will notice the difference immediately.

After playing with them for a few hours, try going back to your regular Composite video cables just to see what you have been playing on all this time...and you will want to slap your forehead in amazement that you even enjoyed the games as much as you have! Seriously!

After I got my HDTV, I actually had my buddy's XBox system linked to my 27" Sharp that only has Composite cable capability...and I couldn't believe that I even enjoyed the graphics! You will see...it's almost laughable! :)

03-06-2002, 01:13 PM
No prob.

You wont really notice at 1st but I was able to compare on the spot because in Shereboats room he doesnt have S-Video but i do. And we both had the Halo title screen going (getting ready for a lan battle, we got a crossover wire running through the wall for lan network play ;) )

It just looks so much crisper and clearer. (i was really high too :D)