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06-10-2008, 09:36 PM
Trivia questions... except that I don't have the answers. I'm LOOKING for them.

1) Concerning the Quake IV rare plates with the large Quake logo: Is this a two-part plate with the Quake image on a paper insert? I was told that it was and some pics look like it, but others look like a printed plate.

2) I need a good picture of the DOAX2 Kasumi faceplate. I got mine signed before I got a good pic. A search of the internet has only turned up stock photos of the pic or bad pics of the plate.

3) There are six Gears of War plates. Five of them were mad by MadCatz. They are:

- Gears plate with skins
- Gears E306 LE
- Gears plate Best Buy exclusive
- Gears plate Circuit City exclusive
- Gears plate Gamestop exclusive
- The non-MadCatz plate.

Who makes the last one? Where did they come from?

Lots more questions but we'll start with those. I'm not really happy with the loose Gears plates I have. You'll see once the db is up and maybe you can help make them better. :)

06-11-2008, 04:10 PM
Concerning the Quake faceplate, I do believe it is a paper insert plate even though somebody tried to convince me otherwise once. The person that hooked me up with the Prey faceplate looked into it for me. He has some very good connections with high up people all over the gaming industry. I sent him pics of this faceplate and he did a lot of checking around to see if he could find me on. He never did and everybody he had asked about it didn't even know it existed. I see it listed frequently on eBay but it is a Power Wave faceplate which is the international version of the print your own faceplate kit we have here in the states. I could be wrong about it though :confused:

06-11-2008, 08:26 PM
'luv, do you have a way to get a good pic of your Kasumi plate? Or do you just have your camera phone for pics?

Kamshaft is goingto be working a lot more closely with MadCatz, and hopefully we'll be able to get some of the Gears plates from them for the database. His contact is in the UK and he didn't know if MadCatz kept a piece or two of all the plates they make.

06-12-2008, 03:26 AM
I don't have a Kasumi faceplate. :confused: