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03-07-2002, 07:02 PM
After the disapointing games (Blood Wake, Wreckless, WWF, New legends) that were released in January and Febuary it feels great now that we are finally getting some top quality games now. JSRF is incredible and i'm soon to be getting Ralisport Challenge and maybe THPS3. Now comes my question is THPS3 that much different than the first two and thus worth the purchase? March seems to be the month of great games for the XBOX. I can't wait till April ;)

03-07-2002, 07:09 PM
Alot of people say that all the games in the Tony Hawk series are the same. But I beg to differ, I've been a pretty big Tony Hawk 2 player, and the other weekend i played Tony hawk 1, omg, what a difference. But the difference between TH2 and TH1 is the same that is present between TH2 and THS.

Tonk Hawk 3 is incredable. It is much more fast paced, its smoother and it added more tricks and features so that we can pull off intense combos. And incase you havent seen any screenshots or videos, the levels are comparitively just as incredable.

So to answer your question, TH3 is much diffewrent than TH2, and it is well worth the money if you are a Guru of the Hawk series.

Just my 2 cents.

03-07-2002, 07:13 PM
one downside to thps3 is the lack of difficulty. I beat the ps2 version in less than 5 hours of solid gameplay. But that is not to say its not good. There are plenty of things to unlock and with the xbox version even more things to unlock. thps3 is another musthave for xbox

03-07-2002, 07:31 PM
Now THAT'S one great subject text!

03-07-2002, 07:32 PM
If it takes 5 hours to beat Tony Hawk 3, thats good, because in TH2x, I can beat the Tony Hawk 2 carrer in about 1.5 hours (on average) I try to beat the game with everybody. TH1 carrer takes about the same. And the 2x carrer is about 1 hour.

If I can get 5 hours of gameplayin with each skater... Wow, i cant wait.