View Full Version : Create a player in NBA2k2?

03-08-2002, 12:38 PM
How is the CaP in 2k2? Is it as good as it was for 2k1 for the dreamcast? Can you create your own team and use them for street games? Sort of silly questions but I play the game for the street and create a player ;)


03-10-2002, 12:32 AM
I rented NBA2K2 last week and i was not impressed.Don't get me wrong i did like the game only because i liked Dreamcast's NBA2K1.They are the exact same game.Just the Xbox version has a little bit better graphics.Going about what you was asking about the CAP,i was able to create an exact replica of my guy i created in 2K1.The CAP is the same as the old one.Now there is some new street courts,i guess if i was to pick anything that impressed me it would have to be that they added a few more of them.And what made me mad was that during the home team players intrances,they're all still the same,the lights go down and the teams logo flashes.I really hoped they would have fixed that.I don't know thats just what i think,you be the judge,if you have never played the Dreamcast version it would extremely fun for you but if you have played it ,i suggest that you rent the Xbox version first.