View Full Version : Brute Force?

03-08-2002, 02:20 PM
Is Brute Force going to be able to play online? I hope so. Game looks sweet so far.

P.S.: Any other games confirmed for online play?

l Maximus l
03-08-2002, 02:23 PM
Not sure if Brute Force is or not...I really hope it does! Atleast have the System Link capability so Gamespy can atleast do it!

But, I know for a fact that Unreal Championship will be on-line...that game makes me warm and fuzzy in all my green and black spots! :D

03-08-2002, 03:28 PM
I think games are still focusing on satisfying the SOLO mission player as of Now (larger demograph). But once the microsoft is close to launch we will start hearing about all the on-line games.

Dont make a online game unless its strictly on line. Liek unreal tournamnet for example. You could play off-line, But bots just simulated human players.