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03-08-2002, 03:26 PM
Ps2 online plans:



Sony has finally announced its plans for bringing the Playstation 2 online. In many ways, it is welcome news to players that want to extend their game beyond the living room. For others, the outlook just got murkier.
Sony Computer Entertainment America has announced that North American gamers will be able to enjoy Playstation 2 online games this August. Sony, unlike Sega did for its Dreamcast, will not be running a gaming ISP. Gamers will instead use their existing ISP, or sign up with any of the big names (AT&T, Earthlink) for guaranteed access.

To make the jump online, the Playstation 2 will need to outfit with a $40 network adapter. This adapter will be able to accommodate both broadband and dial-up (56K V.90) connections. The device will also include a network start-up disc complete with online game demos and information on how to get the Playstation 2 up and running online.

Kaz Hirai, president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc., states, "world of online gaming and broadband-based network services, as it currently stands, is not a one-stop experience. Any company entering this space needs strong partners in various business areas to succeed. With the help and support of our partners, whether on the content or technology side, we will be able to offer online console gaming through PlayStation 2 that is consumer friendly, and most important, fun."

Indeed, Sony will require the help of developers to integrate online gameplay options into future games. However, developers have a few obstacles to overcome on their own. Herein lies the catch-22. Developers will need an incentive to add online components to their titles given that console add-ons have always been a tough sell. At the beginning, Sony may find it tough, if not impossible, to impose pay-for-play fees on online games. Developers and publishers will lack the incentive to deliver compelling online content if they cannot derive revenue beyond the initial sale of their games.

Moreover, the Playstation 2 hard drive has yet to be announced. A hard drive will ship with the Linux kit but it is not expressly geared toward games. Originally, it was believed that Sony would offer a combo hard drive/network adapter. This piecemeal method of offering a robust online gaming solution may turn hard-core gamers off.

By contrast, the similarly priced Microsoft's Xbox has a built-in adapter and hard drive unit. Moreover developing for its online capabilities has been a feature of the development kit for the Xbox for quite a while. Microsoft contends that online gameplay for the Xbox is only contingent on flipping the switch on the game network the company is preparing for the console. Microsoft already has extensive experience in online gaming technologies via Zone.com, the company's online gaming portal for PCs.

Sony's announcement, at least, marks the first measurable step in the Playstation 2's quest to become a digital entertainment hub. It will be up to the Activisions, EA's and Squares of the world to entice players to make that extra investment and take their game online.


03-09-2002, 09:47 AM
How do YOU spell failure?


03-09-2002, 10:08 AM
So there online fee is free of charge? I hope MS does the samething at first & don't charge! :confused: