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10-13-2008, 11:03 AM

Mega Man 9

Sitting, bored, tired, and craving some old-school gaming; I turn on my Xbox and then I remember. Mega Man 9 is out! So, without waiting a second I load up the marketplace and download the game. I boot it up, laughing at the presentation in itís classically old style and revel in the opening music. Up to this point, nostalgia surrounds me in a warm embrace.

Then I played the game. I only have one thing to say before I begin breaking this game down to the very smallest of pixels: OH MY GOD THIS GAME IS HARDER THEN BALLS. Ok, perhaps thatís not the most eloquent language, or even that appropriate; but it is ever so true. The reader also needs to know that Iíve never played a Mega Man game in my life, so I never really knew how hard this was going to be. Boy, was I in for a surprise.

Moving along onto the actual reviewing; the game has a classic old feel which is seen through the story. The story is corny, but ever so nostalgic. Dr. Wily has once again hatched a devious plan, but this time heís taken over 8 of Dr. Lightís robots and made everyone thing Dr. Light is going on a path of evil while Dr. Wily has ďseen the lightĒ and changed his ways. Obviously thatís just a bunch of bull, as Dr. Light would never do something that devious. So Mega Man valiantly tells Dr. Light that heíll deal with it and goes out upon his ninth adventure to date.

Scissors, my enemy since kindergarden

Now, first things first, Mega Man games arenít quite heralded for their stories, but suffice to say it; for an new/old game its got its own little charm. Even if the story is bland, itís really meant to be like that. You get a perfect sense of nostalgia and the remembrance of how once upon a time story took the backseat to gameplay. Whether or not you think this is good really determines whether or not old-school gaming is for you. I for one enjoy the silly story, at least they put some kind of story with it.

Thereís something else you need to know; this game is old/new. What does that mean, well, the game could pass for an older game as the graphics are all 2D and reminiscent of the old NES games. This was obviously done on purpose but it makes the graphics much less stellar compared to other games these days. But this isnít really an issue, itís for nostalgic purposes. The colors are much more vibrant in this and the lines are sharper and less pixelated so there are some slight modifications done to the game. Itís enjoyable, for me at least, and I canít see why someone wouldnít like them. To put it simply, if youíre interested in this game then the visuals wonít matter to you.

The heart of every game is itís gameplay, and with Mega Man 9 itíll make you, or break you. This game is harder then any game out there on the modern market. Mega Man 9 is going back to the genre of gaming where itís like they donít want you to win. Youíll find yourself a sailor when you play this game, cursing profanities every two minutes. Unless youíre Jesus you wonít beat any boss on your first run through, itís going back to the age of mastering each tile one by one. This may be frustrating to those casual gamers who are used to being spoon fed by games, if youíre one of those gamers then get ready to have the contents of said spoon whipped at your face.

Why is it that THEY can shoot through objects?!

Down to the technical aspects of the gameplay, itís quite simply, you run, jump, and shoot. Thatís it. With the exception of added weaponry from defeating bosses, I wonít get into said weaponry to allow you to discover the awesome new weaponsÖif you get that far that is. Also, many of the levels alter your jumping ability, for instance Splash Womanís underwater level allows you to jump incredibly high (word to the wise, begin with Splash Woman, sheís undoubtedly the easiest). The gameplay simply works, itís implemented perfectly and itís super fun even though itís one of the hardest games on Xbox Live Arcade.

As you may have realized by now, there arenít really that many controls, you just run with the analog stick and have two buttons, one for jumping and one for shooting. Thatís it, and thatís all that is needed. Other then clicking select to swap through special weapons, you wonít be utilizing many different buttons with this gem. One thing I should mention, I myself only use the analog stick, some may want to use the D-pad but I strongly advise you don't. As most people here know that the D-pad isn't quite stellar on the 360. I use the analog stick and I haven't had any problems.

Ah, the music, such a beautiful thing 8-bit music is. While some may not like 8-bit music, thereís just something about it that is so satisfying to hear. The little beeps and boops are perfectly placed and arranged. It just doesnít get any better, either the music should be orchestrated, or 8-bit. Thatís how I see it at least. Now, thereís not much other then the music, thereís the little beeps of the gun and sounds when you die, but itís just the general sounds of an old-school game.

For some reason I don't think he's happy to see me...

Youíre probably wonderingÖif this game is so hard, then whatís the value? Am I really going to come back to this game? Well, yes. The game is hard, but thereís something about it that makes you want to play more and more, not to mention there are 50 some challenges to complete that vary from simple tasks to mind boggling epic feats of gaming. Beat Mega Man 9 without dying? Who are they kiddingÖbut, with such challenges youíll want to get as many as possible. Plus with the announcement of downloadable content youíll be coming back to this game for a long time. But, a scary thought is, apparently the downloadable content is mostly things that make the game tougher, and this gameÖtougher?! Thatís a scary thought on itís own.

In the end, Mega Man 9 is a game that really reconnects with the old-school games. While it may be mind-bendingly hard, itís still so satisfying. Trust me, youíll be jumping with joy when you beat that first boss, only to realize they get harder from there on. Oh well, at least you got a new weaponÖwhen you get to that point, that new weapon really doesnít seem all that comforting. Oh well, to all of you who have bought this gameÖGOOD LUCK!

-Old and simple, a classic old school feel, not bad, but outdated

-Classic old school look, brilliant to some, not so much to others

-Engaging, addicting, hard, and fun as hell

-The controls are tight, even with the analog stick

-8-Bit music at it's finest, gotta love it

Replay Value-10/10
-Downloadable content, insane achievements and challenges, you'll be coming back for more

(Not an Average)

Reviewers Note: This review was originally posted on another site that I'm a News Editor and mod on, as so my name in my Review area has an extra 1 in the name. Most of you probably didn't even notice that, but encase you did just thought I'd clear that up! I hope you enjoyed this review and I'll be submitting more soon!


10-13-2008, 11:10 AM
Well written review. You put a lot of effeort in to giving an accurate and well thought out review and it shows. I like the part where you list everything from Story to Gameplay. Nice touch. :cheers:

10-13-2008, 11:20 AM
Very well laid out and detailed review Alex, thanks for sharing. Worth the read.

10-13-2008, 11:29 AM
Thanks guys! I'll definitely be writing up more reviews. Thanks for the positive feedback.

10-13-2008, 11:31 AM
Thanks guys! I'll definitely be writing up more reviews. Thanks for the positive feedback.

It was enjoyable to read. Keep them coming.

10-13-2008, 06:54 PM
very accurate review man, nice work! this game is controller smashing hard. i tip my hat to anyone who has a full 200 in this arcade game. its provided me w/ more of a challange than some retail 360 games.

10-13-2008, 09:17 PM
Thanks again. Yeah, this game is seriously hard. I'm at the Dr. Wily stage, I left the game for awhile, haven't attempted them yet. I have a feeling I'll get slightly angry when I do. XD

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Nice first post :moody:

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Very constructive and helpfull :confused:

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sucks? yeah right, i love it!

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