View Full Version : THPS3 is grueling on your thumb, here is my Controller mod to ease the pain. [pics]

03-08-2002, 10:22 PM
If you play THPS3 like me, you hold down the 'A' button most of the time, but on the Xbox controller, the 'A' button is quite "pointy" and it REALLY hurts your thumb joint. (I place my thumb in the middle of the 4 action buttons, then the thumb joint will sit right on top of the 'A' button.

This is my Fix. TAKE OFF THE POINT!

Dismantle the controller, take out the 'A' button and start sanding it down.


After you are done, polish it with a nail polishing stick, to make it look new again.


Here is a comparison shot.

It makes most game more comfortable too....

Just make sure you dont shave off too much of the button.

03-08-2002, 10:26 PM
Quite innovative...and a good idea, but I personally wouldnt want to do it...just because I would be scared of ruining my $40 controller...you are very brave doug! Meh, this is why I have a Jap controller anyway...

03-08-2002, 10:30 PM
What are you talking about? The A button is not grueling on your thumb.

I jsut bought the game today and I've played aboot 3 hours of it already, nonstop. I don't think that it affects any of my finger on the right hand. However, like most extreme sports games, I use the control pad rather than the thumbstick. I think that after playing 3+ hours straight that it starts to pull your nail away from your thumb. Maybe its just me, but yeah.

03-08-2002, 10:38 PM
Ive never been bothered by the A button. Its more round than pointed.

03-08-2002, 10:46 PM
Wow, thats a really professional job there Dougi!

The Terminator
03-08-2002, 11:22 PM
Hehe, that's a great job you did! Looks professional too.

The only thing I've ever done w/ an Xbox control was when I fixed a MadCatz control than was unresponsive... had to sauter a wire to the thing... lol

03-09-2002, 05:06 AM
:D brillant!!

*throws xbox controller into bandsaw*

... D: can you draw out some instructions for me?

03-09-2002, 10:06 AM
Your a true gamer who loves his Xbox.Rock On!!!!!

J Dub
03-09-2002, 10:22 AM
Wow, it looks like new after you put the nail polish on. Sweet job bro.

03-09-2002, 10:59 AM
it is not nail polish, I polished it with a "polishing stick".

It is basically really fine sandpaper stuck on a stick, used to file finger nails so they shine.

03-09-2002, 11:23 AM
Are you a photographer?
Those pictures are beautiful haha

03-09-2002, 05:08 PM
Great idea and GREAT photos!

03-09-2002, 06:26 PM
i don't see what you did
post a picture of a regular one

03-09-2002, 06:42 PM
hmm look at the last pic where it is sideways...you can clearly see the A button is a lot more flat than the rest...

03-11-2002, 08:30 PM
oh yeah..

I have done this to the other 3 action buttons too.

All is well.

03-28-2002, 09:29 PM

all my games are more comfy.

03-28-2002, 09:33 PM
awesome job there dougi! :)

03-29-2002, 09:25 AM
Thanks for the tip dougi! I'll have to try that as my thumb starts to hurt after a while too. It got pretty bad and I had to take a break :( But all is better and I am back playing again. :)

03-30-2002, 01:31 AM
Another reason the JPN controller is better. Flat buttons to start. I never noticed the differences until I had one. I just love the button placement no more accidental wrong button.

Halo of Flies
03-30-2002, 05:47 AM
I'm gonna have to try this 'cos the buttons on the xbox pad are **** . Everything else about it is fine but those buttons suck. I wanna see if this makes a difference...