View Full Version : Official XBOX Magazine for the month of April (Reviews)

03-08-2002, 09:43 PM
12 massive reviews:

Blood Omen 2: 8.5/10
Jet Setr Radio Future: 9.2/10
UFC Tapout: 9.0/10
Tony Hawk Pro Skater: 9.0/10
Gun Valkyrie: 8.2/10
Crash Bandicoot:7.1/10
WWF Raw: 5.7/10 :( (These guys have never watched or played a wrestling game in their life)
NBA 2k2:9.1/10
NBA Inside Drive 2002: 7.9/10
New Legends: 4.0/10
Rallisport Challenge: 8.6/10
Cirrus Maximus: 6.5/10

These scores look pretty impartial. However, even though Raw wasn't the best WWF game ever, it wasn't that bad. I would've given it a 7.8.

Why did I bolden Gunvalk and THPS?? Because those are the two games I'm getting (well I got THPS3 now :) in March.