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03-09-2002, 12:07 AM
Well, I bought this PoS Magazine at the store a month ago, and i read it for the 3rd time. I thought I would come here and tell you all since some of you relate x-box games scores to OXMS score.Here are some rules:

#1: All Offical Magazines change the grade of a product if the company wants them to.

#2: OXM's punching GCube fans is idiotic and stupid.

#3:OXM gave Azuirk 3.5,bashing it cause the guy was blue (Fanasty Games arent Exactly Real)

#4:OXM says blah blah and blah about the x-box being so much better than the other systems, bashing every system out there.(I own a X-Box,and proud I Own it,but these people are like friggin fanboys on fanponys riding around)

~So this is just my Opionion,but please people go to www.ign.com or www.xboxaddict.com to look up the scores after you go to your "best source for x-box info" OXM. Theres only one that is worser than this and that is "Nintendo Power" I think one game of the N64 got below a 5.