View Full Version : Street Fighter 4 Tournament Arcade Fightstick

02-03-2009, 04:10 AM
I hope for those of you who, like me, wanted a Street Fighter 4 Tournament Arcade Fightstick that you got your orders in early. Capcom and Mad Catz have stated that the demand for this $150 item is higher than expected and that the supply is not available to immediately dispatch all the orders (over 7,000). Capcom and Mad Catz are only shipping out 2,000 units initially and will be following up with a future delivery.

What does this mean to you as a gamer? Well to put it simply you may not get your $150 fightstick when it comes out. Apparently they are sold out everywhere and I have read that on some websites the future delivery month is now april before they will come back in stock.

For those gamers like me who jumped on the bandwagon early I would suggest you send an email to the company you ordered yours through and see (just to be sure) if you will be getting one of the 1st 2000 shipped.

For those not familiar with this item it simply smashes the hori arcade sticks. the quality of the item is top notch and instead of having a square gate (the piece that sits right below the joystick) it will have an octagonal gate which allows easier movement from corner to corner and offers a more fluid movement when performing a 360 degree circle. Also the buttons on this fightstick are straight from japan's arcades so you will have a piece of arcade glory right in your home. If however, you do not want certain button types, or certain gates, the beauty of this controller is that it was designed to be FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE. If you don't like the buttons, then change them, if you don't like the joystick, change it, if you don't like the gate, then change it.

Due to the fact that I may not be getting one of these at launch (please dear god amazon ship mine) I'm also picking up an Akuma Street Fighter 4 game pad. The reasoning behind this as well is that the D-Pad is PHENOMINAL and for anyone who has played fighting games using the M$hit D-Pad you will know that its completely garbage and needs to be changed. The game pads offer more of a Sega Saturn type circular D-Pad which will be a blessing on your thumbs when trying to pull off dragon punches and fireballs. They are also considerably cheaper (around $40) and have the traditional 6 button layout (3 accross, and 3 below it) as well as 2 bumper buttons, guide button and more.

Hopefully this has helped to shed some light on the upcoming Street Fighter 4 option b/c I'm sorry but I refuse to break my thumb trying to work out the stupid M$hit D-Pad. Hope to see you in the ring. Round 1......