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03-09-2002, 06:00 PM
Has been confirmed and what it will be like is; Dino Crisis is set on board a Giant Space Station and will allow multiple players to work together in a co-op mode.

The graphics are supposed to be taking full advantage of the XBOX potential power as well.

Another XXXclusive game from Capcom to XBOX is called Ghost master.......... Not sure what it will be about. Also
New RPG for XBOX .........the list grows and grows, and this is yet another top notch looking RPG.......... It has been known for a little while now but I wanted to get it out there for the people whom may have missed it's existence, which I think most people new little or none about this promising RPG.

Legend of the Sun is an action packed role-playing adventure for the Microsoft Xbox. With a distinctly oriental ambiance. It features a simple, yet deceptively immersive storyline, a gorgeously rendered, dynamic three-dimensional setting and a tightly designed system of character development, as well as gripping physical combat and a unique approach to magic and spell casting. In Legend of the Sun players are presented with a storyline that is simple on the surface, yet conceals entrancing depths that curious players are encouraged to plumb. More than just a good tale however, here is a game that combines outdoor exploration in a fabulous, strongly mythical landscape with old school dungeon romping in the labyrinths that lie beneath. From beginning to end, players will be enthralled with the product's role-playing system, which supports constant character growth and absolute freedom to customize a persona. The player character thus created may be equipped with an array of exotic weapons and richly appointed spells, all of which are employed through gorgeous, highly stylized animations. Long on depth and innovation and short on cliché and convention, Legend of Sun is a product that promises to be truly unique on both its platform and in the genre.
I got some pics..How do I put them in?:eek:

03-09-2002, 08:48 PM
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