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03-12-2002, 12:19 PM
Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance, Confirmed!

---------Interplay Confirms Another

During the annual financial disclosure that so many companies have to do, Interplay lets slip that the Xbox is getting yet another title.

Interplay today announced the financial results of the fourth quarter for 2001, as well as year end results. Interplay released 3 new titles in the fourth quarter and 10 new titles in the year, as opposed to last year at this time, where the quarter yielded 6 new titles and a total of 32 new titles in the year. This resulted in a lower profit margin, although there is no danger of the company going under just yet.

What is of interest is a quote from interim CEO and President Herve Caen within the press release. Here we see that Interplay may have scaled back operations, it was a successful year, and the future (for Xbox) looks pretty good (for RPG fans).

"Although our fourth quarter revenues were lower compared to last year, the Company did successfully release Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance on PlayStation2. The product has shipped over 500,000 units worldwide and it was ranked among the Top Ten PlayStation2 games in its first week of release," said Caen. In addition, our operating results improved slightly, mainly due to the Company's continuing efforts to decrease operating expenses. Furthermore, we still expect to have an excellent line-up of games scheduled for release in 2002, some of which include Hunter: The Reckoning and Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance on Xbox, RLH on PlayStation2 and Icewind Dale II on the PC."


Source: http://www.xboxweb.com/news02/0302/025.html :eek: