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11-20-2010, 02:52 AM
For some strange reason, the last post in my old collection thread was 14 May, 2008. No idea why I hadn't updated it since then. Maybe because Kamshaft got the thing set up where we can track faceplate collections straight off the database.

I've added some plates over the last few months that I've wanted for a long time. I got a Swedish Launch plate, a Tales of Vesperia plate and a real Prototype plate. :)

Anyway, for a laugh, here was my collection back in 2008:


And here's a bunch of pics of the walls, shopped together:


That was then. This is now. It's HUGE so I made it a clickable link:


If you go to the "redoing the wall" thread, you can see some of the plates closer up:


Before shots are at the beginning and finished shots at the end, although a few more were still added (and some boxed and put away because of a lack of space) that show up in the new gameroom pic.

I put my collection on an Excel spreadsheet and noted the estimated price. The estimated price isn't what I paid for them. Some I paid more and some I paid less. The estimated price is what I would expect one of them to sell for on eBay, or at least, the starting price. Right now, we collectors are unintentionally controlling the price of these things, because if we have them already they go cheap and if we don't, we fight each other for them and make them cost more. In other words, they end up costing us more, and then once we've got them and demand has fallen, they start going for less.

Anyway, I was going to divide my collection into lots valued at about $500 per lot. I figured I would probably end up with 20 lots if I was lucky, putting the total at $10,000 or slightly higher.

Man, I was off by a bit.

I ended up with 25 lots, AND... a few of those lots came out to over $1,000 per lot. All said and done, the whole collection of 25 lots came out to $18,000. Gulp. Like I said, I didn't pay that for it. Many were free. Some were trades for customs. Some increased in value because of autographs. (A couple of lots are at $420 so I'll have to move some plates around.)

I'm going to attach a pdf file of the spreadsheet to this post. Most of the faceplates are in the database if you want to look them up, but not all of them are there. If you look at the list and think I'm way off on something, let me know, but like I said, if you lucked out and got a $300 plate for $25, that doesn't make it a $25 plate. I got my Ace Combat 6 faceplates free, but that doesn't make their value $0.

Anyway, sit down before you look at this. lol.

11-20-2010, 02:58 AM
That's a car.
That would pay my bills for a year and a half. A year if I ate steak every day.
(I have small bills ATM, thank God because I can't find a job around here.)