View Full Version : Get Monster Truck in WRECKLESS!

Xbox Masta 4
03-14-2002, 05:15 PM
If you want to know how to get this it is fairly easy. All you gotta do is play Mission B3 to get started. Once your started, from the starting point, turn left onto the street. Then at the next street turn right. On your left will be a ramp facing the other side. Go quite aways (other street where it turns left is far enough). Turn around and drive on the right side of the sidewalk, and you'll see a ramp. DRIVE UP THE RAMP AS STRAIGHT AS POSSIBLE, BECAUSE IF NOT YOU'LL FALL OFF! Then when you make it through the glass, (second story showroom) then you just tap the Monster Truck with your car and that's it. BUT WAIT YOU HAVE TO FINISH THE LEVEL BY FINDING ALL 4 POINTS OR THIS WILL NOT WORK! And THEN WHEN you FINISHED that you are all done, and then you can use it on any level. HOPE THIS HELPED!:)