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03-20-2002, 12:45 AM
Mace Windu Goes X

LucasArts makes it official; Xbox gamers will get their own copy of the first Episode II game.

LucasArts Entertainment made the rumors official today by formally announcing that Star Wars Jedi Starfighter for Xbox will be release this May (which coincidentally enough, is about the same time that a new film is being released). The game, which launched last week on PlayStation 2, will give Xbox gamers a chance to experience the exhilaration of piloting the Jedi starfighter from the upcoming film Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones. The Republic's new prototype Jedi starfighter possesses advanced capabilities no pilot, craft or weapon has previously had - Force lightning, Force shield, Force reflex and Force shock wave.

Star Wars Jedi Starfighter for Xbox will give gamers over 20 breathtaking one and two-player cooperative story-based missions set amidst a variety of new and beautifully rendered worlds and environments from Attack of the Clones. In addition to the ultra-fast, ultra sleek Jedi starfighter, players can battle in three other original heavily armed and highly maneuverable craft, the Havoc, Zoomer and Freefall. Missions take place over land and in space, with players skirmishing against more than 40 starships and capital-class vessels - including some notable enemy craft from the Star Wars: Episode II film.

This is one title that looks to please fans of the original Starfighter title. There is no word on any Xbox specific enhancements at this time, nor was a specific release date revealed. Look for further information as it becomes available.

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