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03-20-2002, 06:11 PM
okay so today i finally got me a hub and some extra cables.

man i must say playing halo and tony3 online is like the day i got my xbox. my cheecks hurt so bad from smiling!! its the

dude i thought i was gonna get my butt kicked online. but im happy to say after the second game i can hold my own. im not sure if i played anyone good, but i would like too. and since some of you guys play i would like to get a game with someone from the forum.

oh yeah maximus i tried to get that xboxconnector to work and it does but i cant get the mirc to work. i keep getting an error when i try to connect. something like your name is used for spamming or mass distributuion of porn??? not exactly that but along the lines,??? what gives.?


my gamespy nameis wu3000 also