View Full Version : Gamecube Wrestlemania vs. Xbox RAW question?

03-20-2002, 09:33 PM
I was talking to a fellow Xbox owner, who like me was really bummed overall at RAW. Like me this guy is a bigtime wrestling gamer, and he told me that the reason Xbox's RAW was so weak, and Gamecubes Wrestlemania looks like it will live up to the hype, was because the same people who made Wrestlemania and No Mercy for N-64 make Gamecubes wrestling game series, and Xbox just got a bunch a idiots to make their wrestling games, and that is why RAW was so unfinished looking after many months of delays.

I dunno anything about this stuff, this is just what the guy told me. If anyone knows anything about that let me know. If Cube is gonna rule the wresling games like N-64 did, I guess I gotta buy 1 really. Wrestling games just mean that much too me and everyone else here.

03-20-2002, 10:49 PM
But WMX8 looks more like a SD! to me which I hate.(SD3 was a pretty good installment but still too fast)RAW did not use the Xbox to the full ability but I'm sure this time around Anchor knows what their doing.WMX8 will probably beat RAW in the long run but think of RAW 2.This time using the Xbox to full power and not just graphics and 100 weapons.I'm hoping WMX8 to be the remaining chapter to AKI/ASmik's engine.

Just My two cents from a dollar which leaves 98cents for shopping spree at the dollar tree(It rhymes).:cool:

03-21-2002, 10:15 AM
Wrestlemania looks incredible, I will never forgive THQ and

Anchor for the mess they made of RAW. Hopefully Yukes will

deliver where Anchor failed. Developers should know that

true Wrestling fans demand unsurpassed realism and gameplay

when it comes to wrestling titles. Many say that people are

stupid to buy a gamecube for one game, I think that if this game

lives up to what it is being made out to be, that is a few hundred

dollars welll spent.

03-21-2002, 10:51 AM
THQ knew that game was complete crap before they sent it, It should have never been released! I mean every game in the past has had more options and moves! What the hell were they thinking you cannot progress backwords in a day were you are depent on making money by being innovative and origional. I personally didn't mind the new fighting engine, not to bad but come the game was pathetic. Lack of modes of play, cannot climb ladders, chairs, can't put people on the tables, etc. etc. THQ has some serious ground to make up if they expect us to buy their games. All I want is a wrestling game that has unsurpassed realism, good graphics, and a updated roster. It is not very hard whay to they keep ****ing up!

03-21-2002, 11:46 AM

Above is a link to Gamespot X8 preview. They tell you what will and won't be in the game. As you will se, they isn't enough time to make a brand new series with everything a wrestling fan wants, plus make a profit each year. Devs improve these games through yearly installments, hopefully more so than EA's series.

RAW was "bad" because it was a truly brand new wrestling game made by a first time XBOX dev (Anchor) who are also first time wrestling game devs. They had big plans but not enough time to execute them. The result--a pretty good game overall that feels very stripped down, very rushed, suffers from some major bugs, and a MAJOR backlash. I think that RAW deserves the 6.5 that Gamespot gave it because it was good, but could have been that much better. People exaggerate how "bad" RAW is because they're angry that it wasn't No Mercy 2 combined with Smack Down 4, all fo the XBOX.

With enough time, work & input (feedback), RAW 2 will be amazing. I hope X8 is good, no doubt after SD3 & RAW, GCN owners will claim it's the second coming of Christ no matter what it turns out like. Read the preview, you'll see that X8 shares gameplay features and lack there of with RAW.