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03-21-2002, 10:41 PM
I don't know much about these games and I've never really played a RPG before but I though I'd give one a shot.

Can anyone give me some info on the game and help me decide which one to try?

Also when are the release dates for these two games?

03-21-2002, 11:25 PM
well, if you're itching to buy a new RPG game for the xbox...you'll probably want to get morrowind first..its coming out way sooner than project ego...project ego will probably be released sometime later this year(nov-dec)..or it might not even be released till next year!

as for morrowind, i don't know the exact date of release, but its coming pretty soon..i'd say next month..both games are different from eachother and follow different storylines...but the cool thing about both of them is that they're both open-ended, meaning that the ending depends on what you do during the game...they're almost non-linear plots, but you have to complete certain tasks before you can progress through the game..

i don't know much about morrowind, or the series "the elder scrolls", but all i can say is that you can be any type of character in the game(human, elf, dwarf, and all those good LOTR type characters:))..you can do anything in the game, such as join certain "clans" and help fight monsters and whatnot...your impact on another character in the game depends on what you do in the game(your actions, appearance, and the way you talk to them)...i heard this game has over 100+ hours of gameplay, and each ending and story is differnent the next time you play it ...and also i've heard this game can be played in the 3rd or 1st person...maybe 3rd person for exploring the world and 1st for combat?

project ego is based on the story of a young boy/girls life after finding that his/her family has been murdered by someone(final fantasy anyone?)and your quest is to find those responsible for it. basically you start out at a young age(say 14 or so)..and you can do whatever you want in the game from that point on...you have the ability to work, and in doing so, the more you work, the more muscles you will develope over time(yes, time will progress in the game, and the character ages during the game)...but there can be a downfall to this because if you were going to fight a thief or some evil-doer..you wouldn't be able to move as quickly and as agile because of your bulkiness(sp?)...if you stay out in the sun too long, your character will tan, or if you don't travel around the town during the day, and use the cover of darkness to hide your mischievous ways, then you'll grow pale...hair grows, trees grow, the grass grows...basically you're in a living, breathing world...you can also get your hair cut any way you like(i dont know how the developers will incorporate this into the game)..you also have the ability to be good or bad...you can help other towns from bad guys, or you can destroy them yourself...when you're a little, you can go up to some kid and cut them with a knife or something, and then twenty years later, you can return to the same town with the same boy, and he'll have a scar where the cut used to be and he'd be all grown up and he'll remember you...if you cut a tree down when you're a kid, you can return there twenty years later and find that everything else around it has grown, except for the stump of the tree that you cut years ago...there are many different things you can do in the game...you can also get a tattoo however you like(whether on your body or even your face!)..it is all up to you..there is also magic in the game...but like the bulkiness of working too much, if you only use magic and nothing else, you'll be skinny, but very powerful in wizardry...also, one more thing i forgot is that you can kill anyone in the game and take their clothing...villagers will react to how you're dressed and also your actions in the game..if you're killing everyone in every town, they will be afraid of you, but if you go around helping people, they will look at you like a hero and treat you like one(kids will even have the same haircut as you do just to show their admiration!)..and the final thing i will mention(sorry this is sooo long..but if you're still reading this, thanks for sticking with me:))is that you have the ability to woo a girl/boy and marry them and have children! you can watch as time flies by and your children will age and grow! the game ends when you're about 80 or so, depending if you've accomplished the story and avenged your parents death...

well thats my take on both project ego and morrowind...sorry morrowind was short because i don't know much about the game:( ..anyways, thanks for reading this...hope this helps all the people who are debating whether or not to get morrowind or project ego :D

03-21-2002, 11:42 PM
Wow, Project Ego sounds really cool, the release doesn't really matter that much to me, I'll be able to wait til the end of the year. I think I'll be getting Project Ego unless Morrowind gets amazing reviews(it comes out April 29 according to GameSpot).

Crazy Joe
03-22-2002, 12:36 AM
i'll probably be getting both, money may be tight, but when it comes to new RPGs there is always a way

03-22-2002, 02:46 AM
the morrowind release has been pushed back to near the end of july (the 23rd, i think). don't be surprised if it gets pushed back again, either...they can't afford to screw up the first xbox rpg.

03-22-2002, 08:39 AM
I think I'll be getting both. They sound like the best titles coming to the XBOX this year.

Ninja Scroll
03-22-2002, 09:13 AM
It would be impossible to say which RPG since neither one of them is not on the market, and we know very little about Project EGO.

If your like me you will do the right thing and just cough up da $100.00 for both of them and any debating on which one to get will be over!:D

I know, I know, dont thank me.... HEY, it's what im here for!:D

Ninja knows best!:cool:

Nato King
03-22-2002, 09:23 AM
Originally posted by Hugh_Jass
I think I'll be getting both. They sound like the best titles coming to the XBOX this year.

I am like you Hugh_Jass I will be getting both because I will need need a RPG game to hold me until Project Ego comes out.:)

I love Project Ego.:D

03-22-2002, 09:28 AM
Serg_w! If Morrowind has over 500 hours of total possible gameplay, I think that would be all the game you'd need to tide you over! Either way, I'm with most of the addicts here, I'm getting both!

Nato King
03-22-2002, 09:45 AM
Originally posted by rudedogX
Serg_w! If Morrowind has over 500 hours of total possible gameplay, I think that would be all the game you'd need to tide you over! Either way, I'm with most of the addicts here, I'm getting both!

500 hours of total possible gameplay that's going to be great. I didn't know it had all that gameplay. What a cool game, Morrowing should be out around April 29. :) :)


03-22-2002, 12:15 PM
MAX! if your'e still in this thread and are debating on whether or not to get an rpg, read my post earlier in this board...it should provide useful information on morrowind and project ego :)

03-22-2002, 12:29 PM
from the previews I have read I might just wait till project ego, but if the reviews turn out really good I will have to have both! Much rather have hunter though!

l Maximus l
03-22-2002, 12:39 PM
Originally posted by JADE8704
MAX! if your'e still in this thread and are debating on whether or not to get an rpg, read my post earlier in this thread...it should provide useful information on morrowind and project ego :)

Thanks, Jade :) I read through it...and, this is my personal opinion...if I am going to get innitiated into the RPG genre, I might as well do it with Project Ego. From what you said, it sounds a little more interesting...I like that there is a purpose...almost sounds like some good detective work. This creates a lot of purpose which is needed, I think.

I guess I'm not one to just roam around and beat up an occasional enemy. Normally, I like constant action...but, Project Ego is shaping up to be the most appealing...and, I have no problem with waiting :)

Thanks for the info, Jade!

03-22-2002, 07:09 PM
I'll look at the reviews on Morrowind after it is released, and decide on the two seperately. Personally, I seriously, seriously doubt EGO will be out before this time next year, at the earliest.

03-22-2002, 09:05 PM