View Full Version : I hate to ask this but, how reliable is the Register?

03-22-2002, 12:38 AM
I like AMD and Nvidia and Microsoft and would love to see them together but, the Xbox 1 just came out and they already have the CPU and GPU makers ready for the second one? Hmmm.

03-22-2002, 05:49 AM
Why does this come as a shock to you that MS is already developing the Xbox 2. I mean if sony is already in development of the PS3 why wouldn't MS be in the process of desinging Xbox 2. It just the right thing to do.

03-22-2002, 08:43 AM
I'm sure plans for the XBOX2 were underway before the North American launch.

03-22-2002, 01:51 PM
Plus, just because they are planning it doesn't mean it will be here in a year. It is always good to start early so you have plenty of time to tweak and perfect the product without having to rush to a deadline and put out an inferior product.

03-22-2002, 03:21 PM
So long as its backward compatible then it would be cool:)

03-22-2002, 03:31 PM
The XBOX2 was talked about on TechTV a few weeks ago. They said that the gaming part of the system would have little changes to it, but would be faster. The XBOX2 will be intergraded with DSS (Direct TV), WebTV, and a Tivo. A All-In-One System! This would be great... but I would say the price would be out of this world.