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03-22-2002, 09:13 PM
Genma Onimusha


Evil Sword

In the well, where the guy hangs upside down you go to the Dark Realm and if you beat 20 levels which is the last level you open the chest and you'll get the Evil Sword.

Beat the Dark Realm (the easy way)

OK to beat the Dark Realm without much hassle you first hace to go to where you first see the cocoon man in the well. There he will tell you how much you will prosper if you win. (This is the easy dark realm but there are three long levels of it!) Beat that and get the Ocara. After battling you will have enough energy to go on. Next go to the first checkpoint in the castle and go to the dark realm there. There it after beating the one in the well they should take it a little easier on you. In this one the cocoon man will sound all paranoid. But you have to get close to the back wall in order for him to "fall down." You must see the cocoon man more than once in order to go to the dark realm.

Beat Hecuba (Bug Lady) with extreme ease

First, you must have the Matchlock rifle which is found behind a huge waterfall in a trick box. The combination is: Lower Right, Lower Left, Upper Right, Lower Right, and Upper Left. Now you have an extremely powerful weapon that can kill most enemies in one or two shots! Now, if you have been collecting bullets you should have around 20-30. All you do is at the beginning of the fight use a Soul Absorber, then use a sword on the 3 small bugs, after you dispense of them bring out the Matchlock and let her have it! It should take around 10-15 shots to kill her (If you run out of bullets then get out the wind sword, do a magic spell near her and she will drop down lower so you can get her with you other swords). Good Luck!

Easy mode

Start a new game and die 5x then exit and start a new game then you could choose easy mode