View Full Version : F1 2002 or Grand Prix 4?

03-23-2002, 07:47 PM
I'm looking forward to get a F1 game on the Xbox and the two new games that are to be released this year are F1 2002 and Grand Prix 4. From what I've seen so far, Grand Prix 4 seems to be a bit more realistic than EA's version, but it also seems to be a straight port from the PC game. I read somewhere that out of the 25 people working on that game, only two are working on the console version. The graphics in F1 2002 really look amazing from what I've seen so far. Also, the 2002 drivers and teams will be in F1 2002 while only the 2001 drivers and teams will be in Grand Prix 4. I was wondering if anyone of you knew if there will be a "Career Mode" in any of those games. If you know anything about any of those two games, please reply to this message and tell your opinion about both games. Thank you.