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03-28-2002, 12:21 PM

Yup, im here again for help on JSRF. Man how can a game with such a simple concept leave me with so many questions, lol.

Well i was reading around the net and many sources refer to a JET ranking. Mostly so that you can get a new character. For instance one thing i found was :

"Gouji Rokkaku - Achieve a JET ranking in the three Rokkaku-Dai Heights Test Runs."

So anyway, how do i acheive a JET ranking? Is it a simple case of completing the objectives you get when u get the kinda tape thinks

Infact, while im here ill check what does the'Test Run' bit mean in that quote.

Yet again, please help !



03-28-2002, 03:20 PM
Well frog you have to beat the game first. After completing it you go up to Roboy and ask to do a test run.

A test run is a run that tests you on speed, grafitti, technique, and flags. To get the characters you have to earn a jet ranking ( the highest rank ) in all the categories. Earning jet is also very hard to do in some runs. I'm currently trying to get all the characters and its insanely difficult in some.

Anyways, have fun with the game, it's a blast! :)