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    Default Nightmare

    Hi people,
    well, I have been drooling since the dawn of Xbox and now is has arrived I have lost the bottle to go and purchase one. I have been down to the local store many a times to purchase the beast, but when it comes to hading over the cash, my heart starts racing, I come over all faint and my palms get sweaty then I shout “NO BILL YOUR NOT GETTING IT AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Whilst being removed by security. Anyways I owned the DC and well it saddens me to think about it so I’m not going their, weep, sniff sniff. Anyhow back to the point, I have played halo on a m8 Xbox and after recovering from RSI with the force of the rumble packs I was amazed, but I just don’t want to buy it for 1 game and I cant find any accurate and reliable web sites which contain games and the release dates for over here in the UK. I would just like to know what games it has coming out over here In the UK shortly..

    Also is the Xbox multi region DVD?
    With online gaming is there a need to worry about a virus with it having a hard drive?

    Thanks in advance people……!!! And please no Flaming ……..

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    Xbox is well worth the dough.

    As for release dates for the UK, I don't know. You would need to find a UK site with the release dates.

    Also is the Xbox multi region DVD?
    No, It is encoded to the region you buy it in.

    With online gaming is there a need to worry about a virus with it having a hard drive?
    Nope, that is a PoS2 fanboy rumor. You are safe to game online.
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    yea, xbox is worth the $$

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    hey, welcome to the forums man! anyways, about the price...we're all lucky that the xbox doesn't cost a whole lot more than what microsoft is selling it now because of the things that you get with it(hard drive, broadband connection, dvd capabilities, dolby 5.1 for both dvds and gaming, THE BEST gaming system in the universe, etc.)

    and also don't worry about the xbox becoming the next DC( even though i loved that little white box with the orange triangular light..*sniff sniff*)the xbox has more support than what the DC had..which was the main reason why the dc came to a screeching go buy the xbox, its worth the money...besides, the more people that buy it, the longer it will last on the market
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    YO, JADE, your right about MS losing money every time a Xbox is sold.

    So....CodeMonkey, go buy one now!!! Why you ask, well heres why....

    1) Online
    2) Games
    3) 4 controller ports
    4) Hard Disk
    5) Digital Music
    6) long cables
    7) System linnk
    8) GPU speed: 233 MHz

    Any questions, feel free to ask!!!
    No way in hell will you get my Xbox.

    No way in hell will the Xbox fail!!

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    Thumbs up Uk release list

    Title Publisher Date Price Rating

    Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding Microsoft Games 14.03.2002 £44.99

    Arctic Thunder Midway Spring 2002 £44.99

    Azurik: Rise of Perathia Microsoft Games Spring 2002 £44.99

    Batman Vengeance Ubi Soft 14.03.2002 £44.99

    Blood Wake Microsoft Games 14.03.2002 £44.99

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer Electronic Arts Spring 2002 £44.99

    Cel Damage Electronic Arts Spring 2002 £44.99

    Championship Manager: Season 01/02 Eidos Interactive Spring 2002 £44.99

    Crash Rage Spring 2002 £44.99

    Crash Bandicoot: Wrath of Cortex Universal Interactive Spring 2002 £44.99

    Dark Summit THQ 14.03.2002 £44.99

    Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 Acclaim Entertainment 14.03.2002 £44.99

    David Beckham Soccer Rage Spring 2002 £44.99

    Dead or Alive 3 Tecmo 14.03.2002 £44.99

    Deadly Skies Konami Spring 2002 £44.99

    Fuzion Frenzy Microsoft Games 14.03.2002 £44.99

    Genma Onimusha Capcom Spring 2002 £44.99

    Gun Metal Rage Spring 2002 £44.99

    Gun Valkyrie Sega Corporation Spring 2002 £44.99

    Halo Microsoft Games 14.03.2002 £44.99

    Hunter: The Reckoning Interplay Entertainment Spring 2002 £44.99

    Jet Set Radio Future Sega Corporation 14.03.2002 £44.99

    Knockout Kings 2002 EA Sports 14.03.2002 £44.99

    Mad Dash Racing Eidos Interactive 14.03.2002 £44.99

    Malice: Kat's Tale Sierra Autumn 2002 £44.99

    Max Payne Rockstar Games 14.03.2002 £44.99

    Motocross 2002 THQ Spring 2002 £44.99

    NBA Live 2002 Electronic Arts 14.03.2002 £44.99

    New Legends THQ Spring 2002 £44.99

    NHL 2002 Electronic Arts 14.03.2002 £44.99

    NHL Hitz 20-02 Midway 14.03.2002 £44.99

    Nightcaster Microsoft Games Spring 2002 £44.99

    Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee Microsoft Games 14.03.2002 £44.99

    Project Gotham Racing Microsoft Games 14.03.2002 £44.99

    RalliSport Challenge Microsoft Games 14.03.2002 £44.99

    Rocky Rage Winter 2002 £44.99

    Shrek TDK Mediactive Spring 2002 £44.99

    Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams Konami Spring 2002 £44.99

    Star Wars Obi-Wan LucasArts Spring 2002 £44.99

    TD Overdrive Infogrames Spring 2002 £44.99

    The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Ubi Soft Summer 2002 £44.99

    The Simpsons Road Rage Electronic Arts Spring 2002 £44.99

    Tony Hawk 3 Activision 14.03.2002 £44.99

    Transworld Surf Infogrames 14.03.2002 £44.99

    Unreal Championship Infogrames Spring 2002 £44.99

    Wreckless Activision 14.03.2002 £44.99

    WWF Raw THQ Spring 2002 £44.99

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