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    Default General RPG question

    I have been reading alot about Morrowind latly and i keep seeing "NPC's"
    i think i know what they are. . . . but not sure

    i think they are AI controlled players(excluding monsters, animals, exc.)

    am i right??
    and what do the letters NPC stand for
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    Yup, you've got it right. NPC stands for Non-Playable Character, meaning its a character thats there just to interact with, like the people that stand around town and sell you equipment, give you info, etc. etc.

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    i though the 'C' ment charicter but coulnt figure anything out for the 'NP'
    non-playable of course

    thankz home-slice
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    Default I have my own RPG question...

    What does MP and HP stand for?

    I have heard Magic Points and Mana Points, and I have heard Hit Points and Health Points. Which is it?

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    probly both since they mean the same

    mana points = majik points


    health points = hit points
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