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Thread: damn morrowmind is delayed!

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    Default damn morrowmind is delayed!

    This sucks...Now we gotta wait longer...

    Bethesda will be releasing the Xbox version of Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind sometime in May. The Xbox version will be released after the PC version, which is scheduled to go gold the first week of May. No specific reason was given for the delay. Morrowind has a non-linear design that allows players to explore the game's huge environments at their own pace and practically in any order. The game is designed to give players a sense of open-endedness commonly associated with traditional pen-and-paper role-playing games. However, there is a journal feature in the game that will keep track of the tasks that've been laid out before you. Players will be able to pay money and have their character train specific skills or they can simply reuse certain abilities in order to increase their effectiveness.

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    there wasn't any delay, the developers never gave any date other than sometime in May. Stores got their dates from somewhere else.

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    Default Hmm..

    Originally posted by Gortholomew
    there wasn't any delay, the developers never gave any date other than sometime in May. Stores got their dates from somewhere else.
    Yea, thats true, because i dont remember the developer giving an exact date either.

    Untill next time...

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    i got my date from my game shop which is software etc., which was on 28th april i guess the stores really did get thier dates from somewhere else.i believed them because they have been 100 % accurate until now!

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    This is also quite old news, and should you wish I may point to quite a few threads or news posting on various different sites with this info dating from at least 3-4 weeks ago. The developers have not given anything more specific than May. That is it. Game-stores may well have release dates, but that does not mean anything.

    Also, there is supposedly a news announcement concerning this game that will come tomorrow. I'll probably be making a thread the minute this news is released... hopefully it will be a concrete release date and the speculation can then be stopped, since everyone will have an answer!
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