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Thread: I can't find a way into the wizard's corpusarium!

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    Default I can't find a way into the wizard's corpusarium!

    I have the three potions Cassius (sp?) gave me to fly up and get in, but I have used all three potions flying around the place and can't find a way in! Luckily I savec just before I started, so all I have to do is go back to my save and try flying around again! It IS in Tel Fyr island isn't it? The island with the big and little boat attached to it? It doesn't really look like a tower, but rather some weird organic monstrosity...

    Can somebody point me to the door please? North end? south end? etc?

    That would be cool...


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    Go up to the second level, then fly through the hole in the cieling to get to the third floor. Talk to Fyr, and he'll tell you to retrieve some boots from the Corprusarium (you probably already know this, but I just want to make sure). Head back downstairs and keep heading downstairs. You should come to a chamber with one of Fyr's wives/daughters/whatever (not Beyt, she's on the ground level; if the chamber has her in it, keep heading downstairs). Go through there and you'll enter the Corprusarium.

    If you want another hint, when you enter the Corprusarium if you keep going forward you'll run into a door that leads to another area. Go through that door; that's where the guy you're looking for can be found.
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