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Thread: question about thieves guild

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    Default question about thieves guild

    My security skill is at 60 something and I want to talk to the security hidden master in Balmora, but he won't train me because i'm not in the thieve's guild. So i walked over to the thief hide out and asked to join, but sugar-lips or whatever said,"We have our standards, Ballslapper (my name), and you don't meet them." But my stats DO meet the requirements... is it because i'm in too many other factions? I'm in the fighter's guild, mage's guild, Imperial Legion (I just became the leader yesterday and got the Chyrsmamdiaoe (sp?) sword and the lord's mail!) , and House Redoran. I don't even do stuff for the fighter and mage's guild, i just use them for their benefits. I just want to jack up my security skill so i can open those 100 point locks. Thanks in advance!

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    an easy way to open 100 pt locks is enchant and exquiste or expensive amulet to open 100-100 it works every time mine cost me like 22k

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    The Fighter's Guild and the Theif's Guild are at war with each other....maybe that has something to do with it.

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    I can pick 100 locks and my lockpicking skill was never trained by that dude... I actually killed him and stole his secret masters lockpick and probe...

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    I am in every faction there is, and I have no problems.

    You have to have certain skills already at certain levels to join.

    To join the theves guild as a Toad, you must meet these conditions:

    1) Agility 30 or higher
    2) Personality 30 or higher

    Their favored skills are Marksman, Short Blade, Light Armor, Acrobatics, Sneak, and Security. However, of these favored skills, none of them are required to join the guild.

    But I'm guessing by what you said, you have an agility and personality of both over 30, so I don't know what else the problem could be.

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