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Thread: Has anyone played or seen Fuzion Frenzy??

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    Default Has anyone played or seen Fuzion Frenzy??

    I just got back from Toys R Us. I was playing Fuzion Frenzy. Interesting. It seemed kind of fun. I will never buy it, but I thought it was cool. All the people that I know that live near me do not play videogames. ****'t!! Most of them are strictly PC addicts. I should know, I built most of their pc's. Anyway, Fuzion Frenzy looks good and has a lot of games and mini games. It just doesn't interest me because it's multiplayer.

    I have already pre ordered NFL Fever 2002, Halo (of course), and Amped. Can anyone think of any other games I should add?

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    Wynn...nice, dude! Those are the first three games that I am getting! Great taste!

    I would also add Project Gotham Racing...that game looks seriously tight!

    As for fuzion frenzy...I think I'm going to pass it up... I haven't seen it in action while being their live...just seen it on mpegs, etc. I would consider looking at it or try playing it at a game store...maybe after that I would have a better idea.

    In my case, I actually do have a few buddies that like to play at the same time...this is the only reason why I would atleast look at it. But, personally, I'm looking forward to DOA3 and Mortal Kombat for this purpose instead.
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