Ok,I got this game about 4 hours ago....from the time i got it up until now i have been playing it to see how i like it...

Graphics - Are NO WHERE near as bad as IGN made them out to be...people say they look like playstation graphics,but i disagree....they arent "halo" type graphics,but they arent bad IMO.The courts are modeled real good,same for the players clothes shoes and other acessories...In this category theres no really much to cover,graphics arent great,but they arent bad either.

Sound - Very good....theres alot of elements of sound in this game....ranging from the crowd to set free (And 1 Announcer) and the trash talk of the crowd.The sounds of the dunks and the ball and shoe squeaks are really implemented and blended in good in this game...i dont have SS or anything,but on a regular TV it sounds pretty damn good to me.

Gameplay - BEST part of this review,and of the game...Theres so much to cover......i will start with crossovers...

Crossovers are EVERYTHING in this game....it will determine whether you get past your defender or not...and if you get in good position to dunk,layup,or knock down a 3 from long range.....depending on how good your player is....is how complex his cross is.....most regular players have a regular between the legs cross...The better your player is,the better his crossover is...i have a little bit above "average" players on my team...and two of them do crossovers where they dribble....swing it around their left shoulder,and delay the cross....and 75% of the time...it gets the defender...but as u face new teams....some things start not to work anymore....

Stealing - Stealing is an important part of street hoops...if your player is small and fast,more than likely he is a good stealer....to steal,you have to hit the A button while your defending them...its better to do it while your playing close Defense (holding the L trigger)...once you swipe...the ball most of the time goes backwords depending on how u came at them with the reach in...once you do....heres the fun part....you have to race to get the ball....and its not easy...in street hoops they put in a feature that lets you dive for the ball...and 99% of the time,its the quickest way to get to the ball without it getting back into the hands of the person you stole it from....to dive for the ball....you have to press the Y button...and hope you dive far enough to reach the ball

Shooting - To many people's reviews i saw about street hoops,they noted that shooting was hard.....shooting is only as hard as you make it...keep in mind,to shoot good 3 pointers...you have to have 1. A Good shooter..... 2.An open shot.....3. Good shooting range.....It wont help much if a defender is right dead in your face while you are taking your shot...you have to free yourself up long enough to take it...which means try and pump fake,and get them to jump...once they jump...dribble to the left or right a little ways,and take the jumper...you will have a LOT better chance of making it then.

Defense - Defense is probably the hardest factor in this game...its like everything you do is all in vain....i mean street ball is mostly like that....but in this game...no matter how hard you try...most of the time they will always shoot/dunk on you...Defense in this game is hard to play because for one when the computer has the ball,they pass at will,they keep passing until they have an open alley oop,or an open shot...and their shots go in most of the time.....but its not ENTIRELY impossible to stop the computer from scoring...ive gotten in good position and blocked alot of shots since ive been playing....its all about how fast u can react to their passing.

Passing - theres so many different passes in this game....you can do behind the backs...under the legs....kick passes.....regular passes....no looks.....you name it,its most likely in the game..its a very important aspect of the game as well,because you have to pass to get your guys to move around and get open alot...once u do,set up a pass to the inside..and throw it down.

Modes and activities - theres PLENTY to keep you busy in this game...you have to unlock all the players,courts,clothes and acessories,not to mention 3 and 1 tapes (3,4,and 5)....and it cant be done in a short period of time,i know thats for sure....because betting money is always risky....you can dominate a team one match,and the next get murdered and blown out....it provides a big challenge......and im getting blownout on the NORMAL setting...thats how much it goes to show you,you have to learn everything there is to learn....theres tutorials of every basic,and complex thing you need to know about the game,and how to get good....so you better be prepared to win and lose a lot of games to gain experience to get better.

Overall - street hoops was just about everything my expectations where...i wasnt let down at all really....this is a really good and fun basketball game...and its something alot of people have been waiting for for a while,and IMO it lived up to what i thought it would be....i still have a lot to unlock and do in the game...so it should keep me busy for a long time....it is a definate buy....renting it would be pointless,you wouldnt achieve anything in the game besides learning how to play.

rating - 8 out of 10