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    Default Project Ego


    I'm new here...
    I come from the Netherlands so my english maybe a little off sometimes...
    But one thing is for sure....Xbox rulezzzz...

    So over Project Ego....
    This games is going to be GREAT i'll tell ya...
    You know Black and White for the PC...
    Where you can choose how you become....good or evil....
    Black and White was made by Lionheads is Project Ego....

    So in Project Ego you can choose too between good and evil,this is who you play the game...

    So you come as a little boy home and you found you house trashed with you dead-parents inside it...
    This is where the story starts....what will you do....start killing everybody....or do it the right way...??? the choice is yours....

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    I hope Project Ego goes LIVE! It looks spectacular either way!
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