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Thread: Xbox Ghost Recon Update:

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    Default Xbox Ghost Recon Update:

    Wow it's coming out beter that the PC version. Unreal. Can't wait.

    Red Storm Entertainment's Xbox port of its tactical shooter Ghost Recon is shaping up nicely. In fact, it's looking even sharper than the original PC version, which has caused a few mumbles around the office. New screenshots have been released.

    Rather than simply being a straight conversion of the PC game, Ghost Recon on Xbox will come with a number of extras: levels from the original title's Desert Siege expansion pack are to be included; and, of course, it will be fully Xbox Live-enabled and make use of the voice communicator.

    Although Ghost Recon on Xbox is graphically impressive, one major concern lies in the transposing of the control method. The PC version relies heavily on mouse and keyboard, and the game is geared around the instantaneous response times this gives, so it will be interesting to see how developer Red Storm translates this across to a console pad.

    Ghost Recon is a tactical shooter that sees players in control of a crack squad of Special Forces soldiers. With a strong emphasis on realism, the game will take you through numerous objective-based missions as you embark on such escapades as hostage rescue and terrorist elimination.

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    Great News indeed!

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    this game looks sweet, it will probably one of my first xbl purchases...i think it will be better than rainbow six 3
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