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Thread: Need Immediate help on ENCLAVE Underworld

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    Default Need Immediate help on ENCLAVE Underworld

    I get to this thing that lowers me into the lava. I don't know where the heck to go or do!!! HELP! PLEASE!
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    i know what area u are talking about
    it took me all weekend to figure the dam thing out

    when u stand on the first gate that lowers u to the lava
    if u stand at the very end near the tower where the gate is closed. stand there and watch u will notice another gate that comes out of the lava . just stand there u will die
    but u can see what im talking about. also as u see the gate notice the little bit of land that u can see at the end of the gate as it comes up.
    thats what u are headed for

    once i seen that

    i faced that first gate on the left side and i would run across it
    and at the very last minute waiting for the second gate to be as high as it can, and where i can still jump on it i jumped and ran
    and jumped all at the same time
    when i landed i landed on that little piece of land there

    i took a few tryies but it worked for me

    the next area u are headed for is cool
    it was fun to play and i like the monster it was cool

    if u need anymore help just yell

    good luck
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