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Thread: Sega GT - Another disappointment?

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    Sleeping Sega GT - Another disappointment?

    somewhere around the 3rd-4th stage of the first season, the ford concept car became available to me. I bought it right away (150k) and suped it through the roof. The end result was a car with like 750 horsepower, that could do a 1/4 mile in under 10secs. The game was pretty much over at this point. I continued through to the end of the 2nd season using this car; winning each race with ease (i normally had the lead by the first corner).

    I must say, im a little disappointed with this.. how could they allow this game to be so easy?!


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    i know what you mean
    the last stage in season two i won by well alot. the viper doesn't stand a chance
    I even went back and beat it with my Honda S2000


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    it could just be that this game is sooo hard and yet we are just soooo good. IT COULD BE YANNO! hehe im still having fun, but it sucks that i know in 3 days i will be tired of this game. the only reason i will keep this game is for the mulitplayer and possiblity of add-ons.

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