The Rumour Mill: Issue 5
-=G=- Posted on September 14, 2002

Another week and another bunch of rumours. After we all recovered from last weeks shooter special, we come back with what can only be called, amazing.

So, no more wafflin', lets get going!

4 Deadly Attacks

A while ago, we reported that a certain Tecmo flagship title would be revealed to the world at this Friday's Tokyo Games Show. Well, it seems that although, this is true word has been circulating press offices this week that the Dead or Alive franchise could move on step further into Microsoft's pockets this week to become Xbox Exclusive. People have been thinking that it would be a step back for the series if Team Ninja brought it to other platforms but only in the shadow of TGS 2002 has this been really spoke about. Kasumi fighting new girl Lisa on Xbox with graphics that make DOA3 look out-dated? YES PLEASE!

The Blue Hedgehog on the Green Elephant?

We reported this a long while back but only now has a solid ground been set. It seems that Sega's very own mascot could be making its way to the xbox at this weeks TGS. However, it wont be xbox exclusive, if the rumour is correct, we will be seeing it on Gamecube as well but hey, at least we get a new game without having to tread through a collection of 10 year old games!

Solid Details In Metal Surroundings

This week, we were very suprised to here that the next in Konami's massive stealth-em up series could become an Xbox Exclusive. We thought this was a little too far and tried to contact Konami themselves, at the time of writing, they have refused to talk about the issue but we will keep you guys updated.

Microsoft Bring Out The Big Guns

With every fanboy saying that their first party is stronger than xbox's, we have good news! It seems that at this weeks, TGS, we will see Microsoft announcing and revealing at least 3 Major Xbox-Exclusive titles. So far, the only ones we know of are True Fantasy Online and Fishing Online but the other titles are currently unknown. Not only that but at XO2 (A little over a week away in Seville) Microsoft will announce a further 3 Xbox Exclusive first-party titles! We already told you guys last week that one will be Perfect Dark and another will be Rallisport Challenge 2. However, what will the other be?

Thats another week over and, this time next week, we'll have seen what TGS had to offer and getting prepared for XO2 in Seville!

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