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Thread: anouther splinter cell demo question

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    Default anouther splinter cell demo question

    I can't figure out a few things on this awsome game. 1) How do you use the lock pick if you are trapped in the romm with the tv. 2) Does Fisher stay in the overhead with the split jump in the cell area and if so whats the trick. 3) How do you use the under door cam. I can pull up both the cam and the lock pick for use but I can't make either work. Thanks

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    this is exactly what i am wondering too, i cant seem to make the lockpick and optic-cable camera work. could somebody pleas explain. thanks in advance

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    They both work the same way. Once the item is equipped, using the right trigger will use it (just like firing your gun). Just make sure you are facing a door, and right up against it.

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