European Xbox Push
Monday, November 18, 11:04 | Talon |
This holiday season is the first for Xbox and, to help ensure that it’s a success in Europe, Microsoft let loose many of it’s marketing details for the system this morning. Broken up into four area’s: Difference,, The Xbox MegaCruiser and the Robbie Williams partnership, the initiative is aiming to bring forth non-traditional marketing activities.
Difference will essentially be a DVD created by Bartle Bogle Hegarty (the same team behind the initial Xbox advertising campaign in Europe) that will show off Hollywood trailers of upcoming movies, preview trailers for Xbox games, music from Gorillaz, Primal Scream, Fischerspooner and Ministry of Sound, and Xbox and Xbox Live features that set the system apart from the rest. The DVD will also have Peter Molyeux talking about Xbox. Two million DVDs will be distributed throughout Europe via magazines, mail, various Xbox trial events, as well as industry events such as Stuff Live and the Vodaphone/Ferrari event in Greece.

Shifting gears a bit, Microsoft will be giving its site an overhaul, complete with a special 24-page "brandzine" that’s set to be mailed to 10,000 influential people in the industry throughout Europe.

The Xbox MegaCruiser event follow somewhat in the same traditions set by the Xbox Odyssey and Xbox One On Tour, tours. The MegaCruiser will tour UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain, showcasing upcoming and currently released Xbox games such as Panzer Dragoon Orta, Unreal Championship and Splinter Cell. The Xbox MegaCruiser will also show off the Xboxes DVD capabilities.

Last but not least in Microsoft’s European marketing push for Xbox is the Robbie Williams partnership. This partnership will have Xbox as the joint headline sponsor of the upcoming Robbie Williams European Tour. The tour begins on June 28th 2003, and includes 15 shows spanning eight countries. As the joint sponsor for the event, Xbox will be on hand with kiosks and other such things. Furthermore, a special Robbie Williams DVD Pack is set for release in Germany for €29.99. This pack will include a DVD controller, footage from his latest album “Escapology”, and messages from Robbie Williams to Xbox fans.