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Thread: Some update: Japan Live (CAPCOM vs. SNK2 EO)

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    Talking Some update: Japan Live (CAPCOM vs. SNK2 EO)

    Consecutively from February 9th opening
    Participation expense: No charge

    The Microsoft corporation, commemorating the start of proper form service of the Xbox Live, consecutively holds the network opposition event " Xbox Live ranking live by CAPCOM VS. SNK2 EO " which used Xbox " CAPCOM VS. SNK2 EO " from February 9th.

    Participation qualification the ゲーマータグ of the Xbox Live and has had to have owned the " CAPCOM VS. SNK2 EO " with the Japanese domestic residence. Furthermore, it is necessary to complete the register with the Xbox official Web sight in participation.

    As for the " Xbox Live ranking live by CAPCOM VS. SNK2 EO ", using the online ranking function which is loaded onto the same software, the opposition event which is done.

    Cm week when the event is executed it keeps adding the point within ranking superior person 10 rank, finally the point of 3 batches totals and superior 4 winning a prize people are elected. " The CAPCOM VS. SNK2 EO " specially made trophy and various prizes are given to the superior winning a prize person.

    * " Xbox Live ranking live by CAPCOM VS. SNK2 EO " summary
    < Period >

    1st time: February 9th (o'clock of 20 start) - February 14th (o'clock of 13 30 minute ends)

    2nd time: February 16th (o'clock of 20 start) - February 21st (o'clock of 13 30 minute ends)

    3rd time: February 23rd (o'clock of 20 start) - February 28th (o'clock of 13 30 minute ends)
    < Application method >

    To o'clock of 24 February 7th, at the specially installed page inside the Xbox official Web sight the register is completed from o'clock of 14 January 31st.
    Specially installed page URL: Http: ///
    < Prize >

    1 rank: Matsu****a Electric Works, Ltd. bodily sensation vibrating machine field beat chair type " EP4200 "

    2 rank: Pioneer 5.1ch サラウンドシステム " HTP-G100 " Smart theater GAME EDITION

    3 rank - 4 rank: CASIO digital camera EXILIM " EX-M2 "

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    who cares about japanese gaming news? Dem fools dont even give a rats ass about the Xbox.

    btw, Capcom vs. SNK2EO is a flop over there already.

    I know for a fact it wont be in da US come 2/12/03!

    Ya see, we actually own Xbox hardware and software over here.


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    I wished they would of at least cleaned up the character models, or used some serious AA to smooth out those large pixels.

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