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Thread: Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance Guide for you Uber Noobers out there

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    Cool Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance Guide for you Uber Noobers out there

    Haha ok here it is, tell me what you think, its just a compilation of a few hints and tricks also a complete koffin list, check it out.

    Random character select:
    Highlight Shang Tsung (for player one) or Quan Chi (for player two) at the character selection screen, then hold Up + Start.

    Alternate costumes:
    After the appropriate costumes are unlocked in the Krypt, press Start at the character selection screen to access the new costume.

    Versus mode stage select:
    Press Special Attack (Black is default) before either player chooses a character to get a screen with a screenshot of a stage. Then, press Left or Right to change it to the desired stage. Then, press Special Move to return to the character selection screen and select and wager as usual

    Arcade handicap:
    You can adjust your character's handicap in single player arcade mode by pressing White while your fighter is highlighted. Adjust the handicap, then press White again and select that character.

    Recover password:
    If you forgot your password in your profile, you can get it back by using the following trick. Start a new profile with any name, then press "Done". Pick an icon, and after you are done, it will give you a password. The password will be the same as your old one. Copy the one you just obtained and delete the new profile. Enter the password with your old profile and it should work.

    Hint: Play as Blaze:
    Successfully complete all missions in Konquest mode for all fighters. Then, highlight Raiden at the character selection screen and hold Down.

    Hint: Play as Mokap:
    Successfully complete all missions in Konquest mode for all fighters. Then, highlight Cyrax at the character selection screen and hold Down.

    Hint: Play as Cyrax easier:
    You would have to have at least 462 Ruby Koins and open Krypt PD (to get 1056 Platinum Koins ) and get the rest of 3003 needed to open CN for Cyrax. You can get extra Platinum Koins in the following Krypts: FV (83 Platinum Koins needed for 243 platinum Koins); PK (157 Platinum Koins needed for 475 Platinum Koins); WS (44 Onyx Koins needed for 165 Platinum Koins); and NG (63 Sapphire Koins needed for 252 Platinum Koins).

    Hint: Play as Raiden easier:
    Open the FN Krypt first to get 1800 of the 3300 Koins that are needed before opening the XG Krypt to unlock Raiden.

    Hint: Johnny Cage: Defeating Moloch:
    Switch to his weapon and get as close as you can. Press X repeatedly while pushing toward Moloch. When you see 3 hit or 4 hit % damage, you will be doing it correctly. Keep attacking with X. You will be hit once or twice, but most of the time you can get a flawless victory. If he moves out of range or you are too far away, just block until you can hit him again.

    Hint: Kenshi: Immunity to Sonya's Kiss Of Death move:
    Since Kenshi is blind, Sonya's Kiss Of Death move has no affect on him.

    Hint: Kenshi: Fatality restrictions:
    When playing as Kenshi, his fatality will not work against Cyrax, Johnny Cage or himself. Note: If you do his fatality on Kano, only one eye will pop out.

    Hint: Kenshi: Defeating Moloch:
    Repeatedly use this long, but very good combo: Press 2, 2, 2, Away, 1, Forward, 1, 4.

    Hint: Raiden: Defeating Moloch:
    Use Raiden and his staff then press Black repeatedly. Note: You sometimes need to step back to be somewhat away. He sometimes fights differently

    Hint: Scorpion: Combos:
    This combo is fairly easy to do; it is only a series of repeated attacks. Have him in the Hapkido stance. Then, start the combo with 2, 2, 4. Repeat the process until your opponent is defeated. The combo is somewhat weak but its an easy combo to execute. This combo also works well against Moloch.

    Hint: Scorpion: Defeating Moloch:
    No matter who you are using to defeat the Deadly Alliance in arcade mode, purposely die and pick a new player. Choose Scorpion. It is much easier to defeat Moloch with Scorpion than any other player. Keep using his best Ninja Sword combo on him repeatedly.

    Hint: Sub Zero: Defeating Moloch:
    Once you reach Moloch with any player, intentionally die. Once you have matched up Moloch with Sub Zero, quickly switch to Sub Zero's Kori Blade Attack. Once you are close to him, continue to tap B(2), which is his "Cut Up" move. Continually do this and you should edge out a victory. Note: This may require some practice.

    Hint: Defeating Moloch:
    With Raiden (recommended), Johnny Cage, or anyone else with a fast weapon attack (Black), get as close to Moloch as possible. When you get close, attack him by pressing Black. While you attack, hold Up, which makes you circle around if you do not press Black. Then, if you hit him, keep pressing Black. He will not be able to attack back if done fast enough. If you hit him, you do not need to actually hold Up, but keep your finger on it. If he blocks, then finish Black attack (let the combo finish) and hold Up. You will start to circle him. Most likely he will attack. Sometimes he may hit you, depending on what move he does. However, get back to him and start over . If he does not hit you, while he is in the midst of his attack, keep continuing the technique.

    Hint: Acid Bath stage: Damage opponent:
    Get your opponent near the two giant statues in the background. The statues will spit acid out, hurting your opponent. Note: Do not get too close, or you will also get hurt.

    Hint: Easy wins:
    Use the following trick to get easy wins in arcade mode under the maximum difficulty setting. Choose Quan Chi or Nitara, then repeatedly use their throw attack on the opponent. Then quickly stand over them and continuously tap Throw. Try to time it so that you throw them just as they are getting up. When doing this, you should be able to defeat any opponent (except Moloch) with little to no effort. Note: You will not always grab them with the throw before they begin attacking; you may have to keep blocking until they finish their combo or move, thus leaving them open for a string of throws. Using Nitara is much easier and usually results in a flawless victory.

    Hint: Easy wins:
    Note: This trick can only be done with Sub-Zero, Kung Lao, Li Mei, Cyrax, Shang Tsung, Frost, Reptile, or Kitana. You can impale your weapon into your opponent, making them lose life every second. The move varies, and with some you have to press the D-pad and the button. To find the correct move, press Start, select "Move List", then look under your weapon and it will say "Impale". All of them have to be close range, but Kitana can throw her steel fans. However if it hits and they block or dodge it, you cannot use it again until the end of the match.

    Hint: Easy Koins:
    This trick requires a memory card in controller one and nothing in controller two. Duplicate the saved data from the game from the memory card to the hard drive. Load the game and the screen after the Midway logo should be that of two memory cards. The one on the left should be the one with your data from controller one and nothing will be showing in the other. Start the game and go to versus mode. Enter the profile code that you created (this information will automatically pull the data from the memory slot of controller one. Then, use controller two and input the same profile code. This will pull the data off the hard drive. Press R to make the wage bar appear on both controllers. The wage screen will appear. Wage off the maximum for whatever Koin you want to choose, and agree on both controllers. The game will then return to the character selection screen. Choose any character for both controllers. Win the matches with controller one. After you win the two matches, you win the money and the data will save to controller one's memory card. Keep betting, fighting, and winning until you get all of the money from controller two. Then, exit the game and eject the game disc. Go to memory option on the screen and delete the data on the hard drive. Note: Make sure it is the small Mortal Kombat symbol inside the bubble and not the large one on the left side of the bubble. Back out and go to the memory card. Look for your data and copy it over to the hard drive. After it saves, back out of it, close the disc tray and start again. Repeat this procedure to get as much money as needed

    Fatalities List

    Bo' Rai Cho
    Belly Flop: Back, Back, Back, Down, Attack 4

    Johnny Cage
    Brain Ripper: Back, Forward, Forward, Down, Attack 2

    Claw Smasher: Forward, Forward, Up, Attack 2

    Iron Bash: Back, Forward, Forward, Down, Attack 3

    Freeze Shatter: Forward, Back, Up, Down, Attack 1

    Hsu Hao
    Laser Slicer: Forward, Back, Down, Down, Attack 2

    Head Stomp: Down, Forward, Forward, Down, Attack 2

    Open Heart Surgery: Forward, Up, Up, Down, Attack 1

    ETelekinetic Crush: Forward, Back, Forward, Down, Attack 3

    Kiss of Doom: Down, Up, Forward, Forward, Attack 2

    Kung Lao
    Splitting Headache: Down, Up, Back, Attack 3

    Li Mei
    Super Crush Kick: Forward, Forward, Down, Forward, Attack 4

    Kick Thrust: Back, Back, Up, Up, Attack 1

    Blood Thirst: Up, Up, Forward, Attack 1

    Quan Chi
    Neck Stretcher: Back, Back, Forward, Back, Attack 3

    Elecrocution: Back, Forward, Forward, Forward, Attack 3

    Acid Shower: Up, Up, Up, Forward, Attack 3

    Spear Head: Back, Back, Down, Back + Attack 4

    Shang Tsung
    Soul Steal: Up, Down, Up, Down, Attack 2

    Kiss of Death: Back, Forward, Forward, Down, Attack 2

    Skeleton Rip: Back, Forward, Forward, Down, Attack 3

    Play As Blaze Or Mokap
    Open coffins PN and YP in the Krypt. Clear quest mode with all the regular and hidden characters. Once that's done, hold DOWN while selecting Raiden to access Blaze. Hold DOWN while selecting Cyrax to select Mokap.

    Had to remove Koffin list, will break it into seagments, it says max post is 10,000 characters and it said this one (with list) was going to be 36,762 hehe
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    Krypt Koffers
    Krypt Description of Contents Cost and Kurrency
    AA Quan Chi 1556 Gold Koins
    AB Kung Lao Sketch 186 Gold Koins
    AC Li Mei 424 Platinum Koins
    AD Moloch Sketches 96 Sapphire Koins
    AE MK2 Cabinet Security Panels 118 Onyx Koins
    AF RO: Rip Off!!! 313 Platinum Koins
    AG Deadly Alliance is Born 258 Sapphire Koins
    AH Shang Tsung Sketch 66 Gold Koins
    AI Quan Chi's Tattoos 277 Onyx Koins
    AJ 38 Gold Koins 26 Jade Koins
    AK Moloch Promo Render 432 Gold Koins
    AL Shang Tsung's Palace 287 Ruby Koins
    AM Mavado Coat Concepts 192 Platinum Koins
    AN PD: Pay Day!!! 52 Gold Koins
    AO 57 Sapphire Koins 105 Onyx Koins
    AP Quan Chi's Throne 154 Onyx Koins
    AQ Scorpion Concept Sketch 226 Ruby Koins
    AR Alternate Outfit: Nitara 2206 Jade Koins
    AS Palace Exterior Sketch 66 Jade Koins
    AT Swamplands Sketch 269 Ruby Koins
    AU Shang Tsung 463 Gold Koins
    AV Senate of the Elder Gods Test 497 Ruby Koins
    AW 88 Ruby Koins 76 Gold Koins
    AX Quan Chi's Inner Sanctum 337 Gold Koins
    AY Concept Characters 258 Platinum Koins
    AZ Test Your Sight Concept 442 Ruby Koins
    BA Lin Kuei Temple Concept 264 Onyx Koins
    BB Sub-Zero's Medallion 326 Ruby Koins
    BC Giant Drummer Detail 452 Gold Koins
    BD Alternate Outfit: Kano 1520 Sapphire Koins
    BE Swamplands Sketch 67 Gold Koins
    BF 120 Jade Koins 263 Platinum Koins
    BG Baphomet Sketch 217 Sapphire Koins
    BH Ultimate MK3 Arcade Marquee 116 Jade Koins
    BI Sonya Concept Sletch 167 Jade Koins
    BJ Ghost Ship 178 Platinum Koins
    BK Drum Arena Details 136 Sapphire Koins
    BL Portal Sphere 145 Jade Koins
    BM Character Concepts 207 Onyx Koins
    BN The Grid: Guest Stars 720 Onyx Koins
    BO The Grid: Noob Saibot 305 Platinum Koins
    BP The Grid: MK Ninjas 426 Gold Koins
    BQ Alternate Outfit: Kitana 1327 Gold Koins
    BR Hint: FK: Fly Killer 451 Onyx Koins
    BS Mavado Sketches 253 Sapphire Koins
    BT Blood Energy Drink 291 Sapphire Koins
    BU Reptile Skin Lotion 336 Platinum Koins
    BV Backstage: MK4 Commercial 371 Sapphire Koins
    BW Backstage: MK4 Commercial 329 Onyx Koins
    BX Backstage: MK4 Commercial 212 Platinum Koins
    BY MK Gold Logo 183 Gold Koins
    BZ MK4: Sonya and Tanya 381 Platinum Koins
    CA Shang Tsung's Palace Sketch 218 Onyx Koins
    CB Octo Garden Sketch 252 Sapphire Koins
    CC Book of Destiny 376 Jade Koins
    CD Shang Tsungs Soul Concept 261 Jade Koins
    CE Great Dragon Egg 174 Jade Koins
    CF Female Character Concepts 268 Onyx Koins
    CG Hint: JT: Johnny's Tapes 75 Sapphire Koins
    CH 92 Sapphire Koins 48 Jade Koins
    CI Test Your Sight Concept 271 Jade Koins
    CJ Quan Chi Sketches 272 Ruby Koins
    CK Wu Shi Academy 556 Jade Koins
    CL 492 Onyx Koins 332 Gold Koins
    CM House of Pekara Concept 244 Gold Koins
    CN Secret Character: Cyrax 3003 Platinum Koins
    CO Kano's Cereal 192 Ruby Koins
    CP Carlos Pesina 172 Ruby Koins
    CQ Senate of Elder Gods Concept 272 Gold Koins
    CR Raiden Sketch 294 Platinum Koins
    CS 143 Ruby Koins 89 Sapphire Koins
    CT Dragonfly Story 588 Ruby Koins
    CU Swamplands Sketch 257 Sapphire Koins
    CV 71 Jade Koins 121 Sapphire Koins
    CW Academy Promo Render 226 Ruby Koins
    CX Scorpion Goes Back to Hell 203 Gold Koins
    CY Soul Cage Concept 116 Ruby Koins
    CZ Hsu Hao Concepts 362 Onyx Koins
    DA 18 Sapphire Koins 72 Ruby Koins
    DB Soul Chamber Concept 257 Sapphire Koins
    DC MK3: Kung Lao vs Jax 838 Onyx Koins
    DD Lifeguard Sonya 355 Gold Koins
    DE Character Concepts 126 Gold Koins
    DF Dan 'Toasty' Forden 286 Platinum Koins
    DG Sonya Blade 57 Jade Koins
    DH Shokan Warriors 199 Gold Koins
    DI Quan Chi on the Sax 254 Sapphire Koins
    DJ 98 Ruby Koins 186 Platinum Koins
    DK Alternate Outfit: Johhny Cage 1460 Ruby Koins
    DL Scorpion Cloth Test 230 Platinum Koins
    DM Acid Bath 428 Onyx Koins
    DN 18 Jade Koins 234 Sapphire Koins
    DO 221 Onyx Koins 39 Gold Koins
    DP Mortal Kombat 2 Print Ad 224 Jade Koins
    DQ Hint: SF: Smelly Feet 656 Platinum Koins
    DR Mavado Sketches 273 Sapphire Koins
    DS Secret Arena: Nethership 1472 Ruby Koins
    DT Li Mei Sketch 332 Ruby Koins
    DU MK3 Behind the Scenes 368 Onyx Koins
    DV Empty 257 Ruby Koins
    DW Cave Arena Concept 157 Ruby Koins
    DX 579 Ruby Koins 292 Jade Koins
    DY Hint: SS: Sword Sale 94 Gold Koins
    DZ Empty 258 Onyx Koins
    EA The Lost Tomb 258 Sapphire Koins
    EB Ed Boon 237 Ruby Koins
    EC Swamplands Sketch 248 Sapphire Koins
    ED 949 Platinum Koins 633 Platinum Koins
    EE Mythologies Home Verion 1200 Platinum Koins
    EF Quality Assurance: Chicago 267 Gold Koins
    EG MK3 Arcade Marquee 74 Platinum Koins
    EH Reptile Sketch 253 Onyx Koins
    EI Action Figures 512 Sapphire Koins
    EJ Action Figures 547 Jade Koins
    EK Action Figures 424 Ruby Koins
    EL Action Figures 434 Platinum Koins
    EM Action Figures 405 Gold Koins
    EN Action Figures 246 Onyx Koins
    EO Action Figures 289 Sapphire Koins
    EP Action Figures 166 Jade Koins
    EQ Action Figure Vehicles 256 Sapphire Koins
    ER Bo' Rai Cho 527 Platinum Koins
    ES Mortal Kombat 3 Ultimate Print Ad 167 Platinum Koins
    ET Quan Chi's Face Texture 86 Onyx Koins
    EU Dairou Drawings 262 Ruby Koins
    EV Drum Arena 356 Ruby Koins
    EW Quan Chi's Chest Armor 286 Platinum Koins
    EX Hint: ST: Sarna Test 243 Onyx Koins
    EY Cyrax Sketch 254 Platinum
    EZ Blood Stone Mine Concept 412 Platinum
    FA Cyrax Test Render 263 Gold Koins
    FB A Long Time Ago (Smash TV) 248 Ruby Koins
    FC A Softer Side to Cyrax 310 Sapphire Koins
    FD Portal Story 156 Onyx Koins
    FE Li Mei Sketch 242 Gold Koins
    FF MK1: Sub-Zero vs. Scorpion 1199 Gold Koins
    FG Dragonfly Concept Render 291 Gold Koins
    FH House of Pekara Concept 215 Ruby Koins
    FI Deadly Alliance Koins 262 Platinum Koins
    FJ MK3 Arcade Cabinet 179 Ruby Koins
    FK Bug Blaster 520 Platinum
    FL Early MKDA Promo 264 Sapphire Koins
    FM Palace Exterior Sketch 76 Sapphire Koins
    FN 1800 Jade Koins 93 Jade Koins
    FO MK2 Characters 76 Ruby Koins
    FP Palace Exterior Sketch 46 Gold Koins
    FQ MK T-shirts 283 Platinum
    FR MK Youth Clothing 401 Gold Koins
    FS MK Sweatshirts 389 Onyx Koins
    FT MK T-shirts 126 Sapphire Koins
    FU Empty 20 Onyx Koins
    FV 243 Platinum Koins 83 Platinum Koins
    FW Hint: Unleash Hell (UH) 666 Ruby Koins
    FX Comic Book Art: 1 of 41 492 Sapphire Koins
    FY Comic Book Art: 2 of 41 27 Ruby Koins
    FZ Comic Book Art: 3 of 41 136 Onyx Koins
    GA Comic Book Art: 4 of 41 572 Gold Koins
    GB Comic Book Art: 5 of 41 458 Jade Koins
    GC Comic Book Art: 6 of 41 412 Gold Koins
    GD Comic Book Art: 7 of 41 74 Sapphire Koins
    GE Comic Book Art: 8 of 41 277 Ruby Koins
    GF Comic Book Art: 9 of 41 124 Platinum Koins
    GG Comic Book Art: 10 of 41 63 Jade Koins
    GH Comic Book Art: 11 of 41 418 Platinum Koins
    GI Comic Book Art: 12 of 41 100 Sapphire Koins
    GJ Comic Book Art: 13 of 41 326 Platinum Koins
    GK Comic Book Art: 14 of 41 379 Platinum Koins
    GL Comic Book Art: 15 of 41 128 Ruby Koins
    GM Comic Book Art: 16 of 41 555 Onyx Koins
    GN Comic Book Art: 17 of 41 91 Gold Koins
    GO Comic Book Art: 18 of 41 422 Sapphire Koins
    GP Comic Book Art: 19 of 41 58 Jade Koins
    GQ Comic Book Art: 20 of 41 532 Jade Koins
    GR Comic Book Art: 21 of 41 599 Onyx Koins
    GS Comic Book Art: 22 of 41 185 Gold Koins
    GT Comic Book Art: 23 of 41 307 Ruby Koins
    GU Comic Book Art: 24 of 41 134 Sapphire Koins
    GV Comic Book Art: 25 of 41 507 Platinum Koins
    GW Comic Book Art: 26 of 41 264 Ruby Koins
    GX Comic Book Art: 27 of 41 88 Onyx Koins
    GY Comic Book Art: 28 of 41 351 Platinum Koins
    GZ Comic Book Art: 29 of 41 575 Ruby Koins
    HA Comic Book Art: 30 of 41 62 Gold Koins
    HB Comic Book Art: 31 of 41 626 Ruby Koins
    HC Comic Book Art: 32 of 41 215 Onyx Koins
    HD Comic Book Art: 33 of 41 176 Sapphire Koins
    HE Comic Book Art: 34 of 41 478 Jade Koins
    HF Comic Book Art: 35 of 41 203 Onyx Koins
    HG Comic Book Art: 36 of 41 555 Gold Koins
    HH Comic Book Art: 37 of 41 222 Platinum Koins
    HI Comic Book Art: 38 of 41 225 Jade Koins
    HJ Comic Book Art: 39 of 41 637 Onyx Koins
    HK Comic Book Art: 40 of 41 138 Gold Koins
    HL Comic Book Art: 41 of 41 145 Sapphire Koins
    HM Bank Interior Sketch 217 Onyx Koins
    HN Lung Hai Temple Sketch 382 Jade Koins
    HO Scorpion Preliminary Model 402 Jade Koins
    HP Secret Arena: House of Pekara 2093 Onyx Koins
    HQ Sektor's Helmet 192 Onyx Koins
    HR Konquest Mode Concepts 187 Jade Koins
    HS Herman Sanchez 272 Jade Koins
    HT Ice Palace Test 462 Jade Koins
    HU MK Pinball 435 Ruby Koins
    HV MK Gold Print Ad 306 Jade Koins
    HW Fire Well Concept 56 Ruby Koins
    HX 38 Jade Koins 238 Onyx Koins
    HY Kenshi's Sword 408 Sapphire Koins
    HZ Shang Tsung's Soulnado 526 Onyx Koins
    IA MK4 Logo 37 Ruby Koins
    IB Forest Sketch 275 Platinum Koins
    IC MK Rock 'Em Sock 'Em 326 Platinum Koins
    ID Sub-Zero's Coffee Mug 340 Jade Koins
    IE 32 Pack of Adult Diapers 653 Sapphire Koins
    IF River Front Concept 195 Ruby Koins
    IG Lava Shrine Exterior Concept 208 Gold Koins
    IH Hint: IV: Icy Vixen 567 Jade Koins
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    II Secret Arena: Lava Shrine 1843 Gold Koins
    IJ Quan Chi's Amulet 314 Ruby Koins
    IK Lava Shrine Priests 503 Platinum Koins
    IL Hint: DK: Dressed to Kill 207 Gold Koins
    IM Church Concept 227 Gold Koins
    IN 57 Gold Koins 37 Sapphire Koins
    IO Hint: PH: Phat! 244 Onyx Koins
    IP Halloween Masks 257 Onyx Koins
    IQ Fortress Exterior Sketches 257 Gold Koins
    IR 91 Sapphire Koins 55 Jade Koins
    IS Sub-Zero's Blade 244 Ruby Koins
    IT Character Concepts 269 Ruby Koins
    IU Dairou Sketch 342 Jade Koins
    IV Secret Character: Frost 208 Ruby Koins
    IW Hint: CN: Cyber Ninja 198 Platinum Koins
    IX MKDA Merchandise 265 Sapphire Koins
    IY MK Gold Endings 281 Onyx Koins
    IZ Jax Renderings 201 Onyx Koins
    JA Stage: Kuatan Palace 105 Gold Koins
    JB Programmers 392 Sapphire Koins
    JC Frost Sketches 287 Gold Koins
    JD Swamplands Test Render 305 Jade Koins
    JE 59 Ruby Koins 82 Platinum Koins
    JF Drum Arena Sketch 332 Ruby Koins
    JG Jon Greenberg 272 Jade Koins
    JH Hsu Hao Sketches 271 Gold Koins
    JI MK4 Print Ad 266 Jade Koins
    JJ 772 Sapphire Koins 402 Gold Koins
    JK Li Mei Sketch 291 Jade Koins
    JL 92 Gold Koins 168 Onyx Koins
    JM Shang Tsung Drawings 218 Sapphire Koins
    JN John Nocher 252 Jade Koins
    JO MK2 Arcade Board 161 Onyx Koins
    JP John Podlasek 169 Gold Koins
    JQ Kitana Sketches 237 Ruby Koins
    JR Alternate Outfit: Raiden 1685 Ruby Koins
    JS Dragonfly Render 294 Ruby Koins
    JT Johnny Cage Videos 259 Platinum Koins
    JU Palace Interior Sketch 266 Platinum Koins
    JV John Vogel 334 Ruby Koins
    JW Kano's Reminder 164 Sapphire Koins
    JX Raiden Test Render 167 Gold Koins
    JY MK4 Home Version 183 Sapphire Koins
    JZ Empty 25 Jade Koins
    KA Swamplands Sketch 412 Onyx Koins
    KB Elder God Hall Sketch 247 Jade Koins
    KC Dragonfly Test 292 Gold Koins
    KD Artists 342 Jade Koins
    KE Nitara Sketch 402 Gold Koins
    KF Mavado 128 Jade Koins
    KG Edenia Golf Outfitters 608 Jade Koins
    KH Can of Squid 382 Platinum Koins
    KI Secret Character: Kitana 2931 Sapphire Koins
    KJ MK Baseball Caps 248 Platinum Koins
    KK MK4 Characters 694 Sapphire Koins
    KL Cyrax Sketches 202 Platinum Koins
    KM MK Strategy Guides 350 Jade Koins
    KN 15 Gold Koins 7 Sapphire Koins
    KO Konquest Mode Concepts 197 Sapphire Koins
    KP Hint: MW: Mongol Warrior 276 Ruby Koins
    KQ Alexander Barrentine 282 Onyx Koins
    KR Secret Arena: Palace Grounds 4222 Sapphire Koins
    KS 216 Jade Koins 503 Platinum Koins
    KT Moloch Test Render 275 Onyx Koins
    KU 322 Platinum Koins 219 Jade Koins
    KV Arena Concepts 256 Sapphire Koins
    KW Empty 257 Sapphire Koins
    KX Alternate Outfit: Li Mei 1406 Sapphire Koins
    KY MK1: Cage vs. Kano 843 Platinum Koins
    KZ Character Concepts 263 Jade Koins
    LA Blood Particle Details 56 Ruby Koins
    LB Game Play Wall Trick Ideas 258 Jade Koins
    LC Game Play Kicks and Dodges 462 Sapphire Koins
    LD Game Play Fatalities 302 Onyx Koins
    LE Game Play Face Strikes 312 Platinum Koins
    LF Game Play Special Moves 305 Gold Koins
    LG Game Play Throws 195 Ruby Koins
    LH Game Play Fatalities 165 Jade Koins
    LI Game Play Throws 135 Sapphire Koins
    LJ Nitara's Crystal 134 Gold Koins
    LK Wu Shi Academy Test 268 Onyx Koins
    LL Secret Character: Reptile 3822 Gold Koins
    LM Luis Mangubat 165 Onyx Koins
    LN Chrome Bling 306 Onyx Koins
    LO Deadly Alliance Website 329 Onyx Koins
    LP Sub-Zero Sketch 442 Ruby Koins
    LQ MK1 Arcade Goro 477 Sapphire Koins
    LR MKDA Box Art Concepts 176 Gold Koins
    LS MKDA Box Art Concepts 157 Sapphire Koins
    LT MKDA Logo Concepts 105 Onyx Koins
    LU MKDA Box Art Concepts 170 Jade Koins
    LV MKDA Box Art Concepts 140 Ruby Koins
    LW Midway Creative Media 332 Gold Koins
    LX Empty 147 Platinum Koins
    LY Mk4: Scorpion vs. Raiden 160 Sapphire Koins
    LZ Hint: FL: First Look 511 Onyx Koins
    MA Johnny Cage 471 Ruby Koins
    MB Mike Boon 188 Gold Koins
    MC Wu Shi Academy Sketches 262 Platinum Koins
    MD Tools and Technology 80 Onyx Koins
    ME MKDA Print Ad 237 Jade Koins
    MF 102 Onyx Koins 58 Jade Koins
    MG MK4 Road Tour 134 Platinum Koins
    MH MK4 Road Tour 83 Gold Koins
    MI MK4 Arcade Debut 96 Gold Koins
    MJ Empty 268 Onyx Koins
    MK MK1 Arcade 188 Platinum Koins
    ML Alternate Outfit: Shang Tsung 1170 Gold Koins
    MM Bridge Arena Concept 215 Ruby Koins
    MN Portal 176 Onyx Koins
    MO Drahmin Sketches 177 Jade Koins
    MP MK Basketball Concept 314 Gold Koins
    MQ 412 Jade Koins 278 Gold Koins
    MR Lung Hai Temple 412 Ruby Koins
    MS Outworld Concept Sketch 253 Platinum Koins
    MT Mike Taran 227 Gold Koins
    MU Sarna Ruins Concept 218 Sapphire Koins
    MV Hsu Hao Sketches 372 Platinum Koins
    MW Secret Character: Hsu Hao 3317 Jade Koins
    MX Palace Exterior Sketch 302 Platinum
    MY Moloch's Ball Sketches 167 Jade Koins
    MZ Assassin for Hire 383 Sapphire Koins
    NA Sonya Sketch 177 Ruby Koins
    NB House of Pekara Render 287 Jade Koins
    NC Nigel Casey 275 Platinum Koins
    ND Empty 212 Sapphire Koins
    NE Jax Concept Sketch 270 Ruby Koins
    NF Scorpion Promo Render 392 Ruby Koins
    NG 252 Platinum Koins 63 Sapphire Koins
    NH Hachiman Sketch 147 Onyx Koins
    NI Kitana Sketches 422 Gold Koins
    NJ MK Lunch Time 326 Gold Koins
    NK 116 Onyx Koins 77 Jade Koins
    NL Wu Shi Academy Monk 252 Gold Koins
    NM Scorpion Online Promo Image 182 Sapphire Koins
    NN Blaze Sketches 452 Jade Koins
    NO Kabal's Helmet 426 Jade Koins
    NP Kitana Sketches 422 Gold Koins
    NQ Quan Chi Promo Render 157 Sapphire Koins
    NR Hint: BT: Blood Thirsty? 425 Sapphire Koins
    NS Nick Shin 270 Ruby Koins
    NT Artic Hold 275 Gold Koins
    NU Quan Chi's Fortress Sketches 254 Onyx Koins
    NV Kenshi's Glass Eyes 290 Gold Koins
    NW Night Wolf Render 875 Gold Koins
    NX Damnation Charcoal 365 Sapphire Koins
    NY Brian Lebaron 281 Sapphire Koins
    NZ The Mine Arena Concept 446 Gold Koins
    OA Movie Storyboards 1 of 8 105 Onyx Koins
    OB Movie Storyboards 2 of 8 248 Platinum Koins
    OC Movie Storyboards 3 of 8 322 Gold Koins
    OD Movie Storyboards 4 of 8 288 Ruby Koins
    OE Movie Storyboards 5 of 8 326 Jade Koins
    OF Movie Storyboards 6 of 8 412 Sapphire Koins
    OG Movie Storyboards 7 of 8 266 Onyx Koins
    OH Movie Storyboards 8 of 8 224 Platinum Koins
    OI Midway Movie Group 263 Jade Koins
    OJ Interactive Arena Concept 462 Onyx Koins
    OK Empty 326 Jade Koins
    OL Evil Masters Sketch 136 Platinum Koins
    OM 177 Jade Koins 88 Ruby Koins
    ON Quan Chi Sketches 227 Jade Koins
    OO Mortal Kandies 274 Onyx Koins
    OP 125 Gold Koins 24 Jade Koins
    OQ MK4 Logo Treatment 95 Sapphire Koins
    OR Alan Villani 450 Platinum Koins
    OS Empty 166 Onyx Koins
    OT 222 Onyx Koins 47 Onyx Koins
    OU Back to School with MK 338 Ruby Koins
    OV Reptile's Lair Concept 96 Onyx Koins
    OW Fallen Giants Arena Sketch 422 Sapphire Koins
    OX 352 Gold Koins 352 Ruby Koins
    OY Blade Arena Test 218 Sapphire Koins
    OZ Hint: IS: Ice Sword 243 Platinum Koins
    PA Lung Hai Temple Concept 272 Ruby Koins
    PB 6 Platinum Koins 12 Gold Koins
    PC Football Raiden 20 Sapphire Koins
    PD 1056 Platinum Koins 461 Ruby Koins
    PE Kung Lao Render Test 392 Ruby Koins
    PF Reptile's De-Evolution 343 Ruby Koins
    PG Paulo Garcia 442 Ruby Koins
    PH Alternate Costume: Bo' Rai Cho 1200 Onyx Koins
    PI Hint: HP: Haunted Place 638 Jade Koins
    PJ Drum Arena Details 292 Onyx Koins
    PK 475 Platinum Koins 157 Platinum Koins
    PL Dojo Concept Sketch 382 Gold Koins
    PM Kenshi Sketch 253 Platinum Koins
    PN Secret Character: Blaze 684 Onyx Koins
    PO 108 Gold Koins 71 Ruby Koins
    PP MK Gear 516 Sapphire Koins
    PQ Lava Shrine Sketch 283 Sapphire Koins
    PR 25 Sapphire Koins 11 Platinum Koins
    PS Moloch the Hobbyist 294 Jade Koins
    PT Slaughter Yard Concept 207 Ruby Koins
    PU 267 Onyx Koins 175 Ruby Koins
    PV Empty 206 Sapphire Koins
    PW Secret Arena: Sarna Ruins 2006 Sapphire Koins
    PX Goro Statuette 493 Onyx Koins
    PY Backstage: MK Mythologies 316 Ruby Koins
    PZ Lava Shrine Sketch 186 Jade Koins
    QA Quality Assurance: Chicago 142 Sapphire Koins
    QB Mavado Sketches 272 Jade Koins
    QC Lin Kuei Temple 216 Platinum Koins
    QD MK4 Arena Concept 268 Sapphire Koins
    QE Empty 346 Gold Koins
    QF MKDA Hats and Shirts 311 Ruby Koins
    QG Hint: LL: Lurking Lizard 251 Ruby Koins
    QH 638 Onyx Koins 342 Jade Koins
    QI Lung Hai Temple Sketch 192 Sapphire Koins
    QJ Empty 49 Ruby Koins
    QK Kenshi 244 Ruby Koins
    QL MK3 Promo Art 488 Sapphire Koins
    QM MK1 Characters 644 Jade Koins
    QN 147 Gold Koins 96 Gold Koins
    QO Fan Art: 1 of 5 1616 Gold Koins
    QP Fan Art: 2 of 5 1214 Jade Koins
    QQ Fan Art: 3 of 5 950 Ruby Koins
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    QR Fan Art: 4 of 5 512 Sapphire Koins
    QS Fan Art: 5 of 5 825 Onyx Koins
    QT MK1 Get Over Here! 58 Onyx Koins
    QU MK4 Logo Designs 346 Gold Koins
    QV Reptile's Past 318 Gold Koins
    QW MK2 Arcade 233 Ruby Koins
    QX Alternate Outfit: Hsu Hao 1518 Jade Koins
    QY MKDA at E3 Expo 238 Gold Koins
    QZ Quan Chi's Fortress 501 Jade Koins
    RA Hint: XG: Ex-God 268 Gold Koins
    RB Robert Blum 253 Platinum Koins
    RC Midway Creative Media 272 Ruby Koins
    RD Alternative Costume: Mavado 1455 Jade Koins
    RE MK3 Print Ad 107 Sapphire Koins
    RF Swamp Bird Test Video 135 Jade Koins
    RG Sub-Zero Sketch 187 Gold Koins
    RH Bridge Arena Concept 208 Jade Koins
    RI 28 Jade Koins 61 Onyx Koins
    RJ MKDA Print Ads 189 Gold Koins
    RK Evolution of Kombat 1000 Jade Koins
    RL 159 Onyx Koins 5 Ruby Koins
    RM Kautan Palace Sketch 182 Onyx Koins
    RN 208 Gold Koins 203 Platinum Koins
    RO 1 Ruby 27 Gold Koins
    RP MK1 Test Your Might 31 Sapphire Koins
    RQ Shang Tsung Sketches 225 Onyx Koins
    RR Shang Tsung's Palace Sketch 224 Sapphire Koins
    RS Randy Severin 267 Platinum Koins
    RT 258 Platinum Koins 374 Gold Koins
    RU Lava Shrine Sketch 176 Onyx Koins
    RV MK Musik 307 Sapphire Koins
    RW Shang Tsung's Palace Sketch 262 Ruby Koins
    RX Empty 105 Sapphire Koins
    RY Mavado Sketch 274 Onyx Koins
    RZ 437 Gold Koins 317 Sapphire Koins
    SA Secret Character: Jax Briggs 3780 Ruby Koins
    SB Steve Beran 291 Jade Koins
    SC Shawn Cooper 226 Sapphire Koins
    SD Quality Assurance: San Diego 326 Onyx Koins
    SE Reptile's Sword 308 Platinum Koins
    SF Shang Tsung's Insouls 138 Jade Koins
    SG 97 Platinum Koins 94 Ruby Koins
    SH Alternate Outfit: Sonya Blade 1834 Ruby Koins
    SI Tiamat Sketch 292 Sapphire Koins
    SJ MK4 Scorpion 353 Onyx Koins
    SK Jax Preliminary Model 176 Sapphire Koins
    SL Tools and Technology 117 Sapphire Koins
    SM MKDA Print Ad 56 Jade Koins
    SN Quan Chi 175 Gold Koins
    SO MKDA Promo Pieces 2 Sapphire Koins
    SP Empty 63 Gold Koins
    SQ Peptic Thunder 167 Platinum Koins
    SR MK4 Goro vs. Cage 342 Ruby Koins
    SS Kung Lao Dragon Sword 214 Platinum Koins
    ST Sarna Ruins Test 153 Jade Koins
    SU Kenshi's Story Sketch 106 Sapphire Koins
    SV 36 Sapphire Koins 145 Ruby Koins
    SW Alternate Outfit: Drahmin 1152 Jade Koins
    SX MK4 Arcade Marquee 215 Onyx Koins
    SY Cyrax's Arm 486 Onyx Koins
    SZ Kung Lao 322 Sapphire Koins
    TA Todd Allen 177 Ruby Koins
    TB Quan Chi's Fortress Sketches 259 Platinum Koins
    TC Palace Exterior Sketch 135 Onyx Koins
    TD 172 Platinum Koins 118 Ruby Koins
    TE Character Concepts 261 Gold Koins
    TF MK4 Characters 470 Jade Koins
    TG Tony Goskie 262 Gold Koins
    TH Konquest Mode Concepts 282 Gold Koins
    TI Secret Character: Nitara 4022 Gold Koins
    TJ Koin Sketches 259 Sapphire Koins
    TK Hint: RD: Red Dragon 94 Sapphire Koins
    TL Acid Bath Sketch 360 Jade Koins
    TM Hsu Hao Sketches 251 Ruby Koins
    TN Early MKDA 211 Ruby Koins
    TO Early MKDA 316 Jade Koins
    TP Early MKDA Jax 294 Onyx Koins
    TQ Early MKDA Scorpion 616 Platinum Koins
    TR MKDA Promo Image 392 Jade Koins
    TS Artists 352 Onyx Koins
    TT Test Your Might Sketch 147 Platinum Koins
    TU 98 Onyx Koins 197 Gold Koins
    TV Wu Shi Academy Sketches 273 Onyx Koins
    TW 180 Gold Koins 129 Ruby Koins
    TX Goro's Throne Sketch 167 Gold Koins
    TY Baraka 390 Gold Koins
    TZ Animators 195 Gold Koins
    UA MK4 PC Version 205 Jade Koins
    UB Alternate Outfit: Frost 1261 Gold Koins
    UC 320 Onyx Koins 3 Sapphire Koins
    UD Drahmin Sketch 252 Gold Koins
    UE Hint: WT: Winged Transport 210 Gold Koins
    UF MK4 Liu Kang Fatality 371 Gold Koins
    UG 67 Platinum Koins 245 Onyx Koins
    UH Alternate Costume: Scorpion 1660 Jade Coins
    UI Cooking with Scorpion 270 Platinum Koins
    UJ Goro on the Kit 225 Sapphire Koins
    UK 45 Platinum Koins 35 Onyx Koins
    UL Kai Sketch 252 Jade Koins
    UM 50 Gold Koins 33 Platinum Koins
    UN MK4 Print Ad 152 Sapphire Koins
    UO MK Trading Cards 243 Jade Koins
    UP MK Trading Cards 406 Ruby Koins
    UQ Undefeatable Army 185 Ruby Koins
    UR Secret Character: Drahmin 6500 Sapphire Koins
    US 32 Sapphire Koins 72 Platinum Koins
    UT Bridge Arena Concept 157 Onyx Koins
    UU Empty 1214 Jade Koins
    UV 520 Sapphire Koins 256 Jade Koins
    UW MKDA at E3 Expo 255 Gold Koins
    UX Scorpion 509 Onyx Koins
    UY MK Hits the Big Screen 359 Jade Koins
    UZ 107 Ruby Koins 78 Onyx Koins
    VA Shao Kahn's Armor 299 Platinum Koins
    VB Blaze Sketch 116 Ruby Koins
    VC 3 PT Staff, Butterfly Knives 209 Jade Koins
    VD Aikido 152 Ruby Koins
    VE Baji Quan and Crab 173 Gold Koins
    VF Basic Fighting Strikes 212 Sapphire Koins
    VG Basic Fighting Strikes 362 Onyx Koins
    VH Broadswords 72 Platinum Koins
    VI Cudgel 184 Jade Koins
    VJ Drunken Master 58 Ruby Koins
    VK Dragon and Eagle Claw 268 Gold Koins
    VL Escrima and Crane 180 Sapphire Koins
    VM Shuai Chiao and Shaolin Fist 198 Onyx Koins
    VN Hapkido and Nan Chuan 86 Platinum Koins
    VO Hookswords and Sai 247 Jade Koins
    VP Hung Gar and Jujutsu 356 Ruby Koins
    VQ Jojutsu 241 Gold Koins
    VR Judo 174 Sapphire Koins
    VS Kali Sticks and Nanchaku 21 Onyx Koins
    VT Kama and Katara 405 Platinum Koins
    VU Karate 180 Jade Koins
    VV Long Fist and Muay Thai 192 Ruby Koins
    VW Motion Capture Markers 162 Gold Koins
    VX Pi Gua and Jeet Kune Do 248 Sapphire Koins
    VY Praying Mantis: Lui He Ba Fa 35 Onyx Koins
    VZ Sambo 223 Platinum Koins
    WA Straight Sword 194 Jade Koins
    WB Tai Chi 242 Ruby Koins
    WC Tae Kwon Do 156 Gold Koins
    WD Tonfa 186 Sapphire Koins
    WE Tong Bei and Yuan Yang 186 Onyx Koins
    WF Wing Chun and Snake 214 Platinum Koins
    WG Xing Yi and Tang Soo Do 186 Jade Koins
    WH 18 Ruby Koins 24 Platinum Koins
    WI Konquest Concept Sketch 242 Jade Koins
    WJ 248 Sapphire Koins 165 Gold Koins
    WK Frost Sketches 76 Platinum Koins
    WL 44 Jade Koins 22 Gold Koins
    WM Empty 36 Ruby Koins
    WN Sub-Zero 143 Sapphire Koins
    WO Acid Buddha Detail 270 Ruby Koins
    WP Drahmin Sketches 247 Ruby Koins
    WQ 78 Onyx Koins 151 Sapphire Koins
    WR MK3 Home Version 125 Ruby Koins
    WS 165 Platinum Koins 44 Onyx Koins
    WT Secret Arena: Dragonfly 1400 Jade Koins
    WU Lung Hai Temple Sketches 256 Onyx Koins
    WV 97 Jade Koins 424 Jade Koins
    WW Dragon Arena Concept 262 Jade Koins
    WX Hsu Hao Implant 315 Gold Koins
    WY Bo' Rai Cho Sketches 264 Sapphire Koins
    WZ Kano 145 Onyx Koins
    XA The Grid 172 Gold Koins
    XB Cage Sketch 272 Platinum Koins
    XC Quan Chi's Sanctum Sketch 352 Sapphire Koins
    XD Acid Buddha Detail 326 Gold Koins
    XE 294 Onyx Koins 147 Onyx Koins
    XF Mortal Kombat Gold Characters 265 Gold Koins
    XG Secret Character: Raiden 3116 Jade Koins
    XH Cyrax Sketches 352 Onyx Koins
    XI MK 3 Behind the Scenes 457 Platinum Koins
    XJ Quan Chi Render 197 Platinum Koins
    XK Hint: DS: Death Ship 37 Jade Koins
    XL 3 Ruby Koins 843 Onyx Koins
    XM Hint: SA: Steel Arms 254 Sapphire Koins
    XN Empty 27 Gold Koins
    XO Alternate Outfit: Reptile 1736 Sapphire Koins
    XP MK4 Gift Cards 436 Gold Koins
    XQ Raiden Performance Audio 199 Jade Koins
    XR Konquest Mode Concepts 288 Ruby Koins
    XS Kung Lao Sketch 283 Platinum Koins
    XT MK3 Characters 65 Jade Koins
    XU Mortal Friday 194 Onyx Koins
    XV Organic Arena Concept 503 Onyx Koins
    XW Baraka's Demise 96 Ruby Koins
    XX Shao Kahn's Medal 365 Onyx Koins
    XY Shang Tsung's Palace Story 55 Platinum Koins
    XZ Marsh Concept 255 Onyx Koins
    YA Alternate Outfit: Sub-Zero 1999 Sapphire Koins
    YB Ketchup and Mustard 358 Jade Koins
    YC Moloch Promo Render 257 Platinum Koins
    YD MK Stickers and Tattoos 412 Gold Koins
    YE Temple Oarsman 274 Platinum Koins
    YF 64 Platinum Koins 16 Platinum Koins
    YG Swamplands Test Render 312 Sapphire Koins
    YH 82 Sapphire Koins 78 Jade Koins
    YI MK2 Arcade Marquee 197 Gold Koins
    YJ Alternate Outfit: Kung Lao 1208 Ruby Koins
    YK Dragon Fly Concept 225 Platinum Koins
    YL Jax Concept Sketch 199 Jade Koins
    YM Alternate Outfit: Kenshi 1435 Platinum Koins
    YN 26 Gold Koins 61 Ruby Koins
    YO Sonya Sketch 294 Sapphire Koins
    YP Secret Character: Mokap 511 Gold Koins
    YQ Tools and Technology 146 Gold Koins
    YR MK3 Home Version 143 Gold Koins
    YS 10 Worst MKDA Subtitles 151 Platinum Koins
    YT 227 Sapphire Koins 384 Sapphire Koins
    YU MK4 Comic Book 374 Platinum Koins
    YV Graveyard Concept 86 Platinum Koins
    YW Fashion Model Li Mei 376 Gold Koins
    YX 242 Ruby Koins 83 Gold Koins
    YY Empty 85 Ruby Koins
    YZ Kenshi Test Render 255 Onyx Koins
    ZA Empty 63 Onyx Koins
    ZB Spider Arena Concept 106 Gold Koins
    ZC Frost Color Sketches 218 Platinum Koins
    ZD Secret Arena: Moloch's Lair 98 Ruby Koins
    ZE Zebron 257 Jade Koins
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    ZF Lava Shrine Sketch 237 Ruby Koins
    ZG Facial Animation Test 201 Onyx Koins
    ZH The Krypt Concept 372 Sapphire Koins
    ZI Hell Concept 432 Jade Koins
    ZJ Water Temple Concept 272 Onyx Koins
    ZK 164 Sapphire Koins 216 Ruby Koins
    ZL Drum Arena Sketch 126 Jade Koins
    ZM Alternate Outfit: Jax 1410 Ruby Koins
    ZN Empty 145 Sapphire Koins
    ZO Hint: LO: Log On 466 Jade Koins
    ZP MK1 Print Ad 129 Jade Koins
    ZQ Sub-Zero Promo Render 282 Jade Koins
    ZR 600 Gold Koins 244 Sapphire Koins
    ZS MK Home Graphics 381 Sapphire Koins
    ZT Animators 215 Sapphire Koins
    ZU Kuatan Palace Sketch 201 Platinum Koins
    ZV 116 Ruby Koins 182 Onyx Koins
    ZW Alternate Outfit: Cyrax 1485 Sapphire Koins
    ZX Hint: BD: Black Dragon 718 Ruby Koins
    ZY The Fans Speak 186 Platinum Koins
    ZZ 355 Ruby Koins 254 Gold Koins

    Ok thats all of it guys, hope this helps
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    Youve got way too much time on your hands

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    Didn't I already make this thread?...............

    I think so

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    Originally posted by Liquid Gears
    Didn't I already make this thread?...............

    I think so
    Ok then sorry my bad >< Didn't see it and I still don't hehe but whatever...
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    Default WTF

    HOLY ****, that was a long thread
    I'm ill, so why cant i kill

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    Coulda make a txt file and uploaded it..

    Or link to here
    Executive Editor

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    Not a complete koffin list :-)
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    Nice copy and paste job from vgstrategies.

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    vgstrategies? WTH is that? (Seriously) It's a compilation from GameFAQs, IGN, and misc gaming sites. Do your reasearch kid.
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    Originally posted by Slayer02
    vgstrategies? WTH is that? (Seriously) It's a compilation from GameFAQs, IGN, and misc gaming sites. Do your reasearch kid.

    I did my research...and found all that info at

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    Well I did my research at and That's where I got my stuff, and I said it was just a compilation.
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