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Thread: A sequel of Dead To Rights in October 2003

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    Default A sequel of Dead To Rights in October 2003

    At the Electronic Entertainment Expo, Namco is showing off Extreme Force: Grant City Anti-Crime for the first time. A follow-up to last year's gritty and action-packed Dead to Rights, Extreme Force borrows that game's brand of chaotic gun battles and seems to pack a similarly high level of challenge--which is a good thing. We fancy ourselves as being pretty good at Dead to Rights, but we were hard-pressed to stay alive here as we tried out a couple of levels brimming with heavily armed bad guys.

    You're basically a member of a SWAT team in Extreme Force, and you'll get to use weapons such as MP5 submachine guns, PSG-1 sniper rifles, various handguns, and even some close-range weapons--we went out of our way to quietly cut down one unsuspecting foe using a survival knife, the poor fool.

    Stealth is obviously an important consideration in this game, as the enemy numbers are excessive. We were only successful at defeating our foes when we carefully used cover to our advantage. The main character can perform some evasive rolls to take himself out of harm's way, but unlike Dead to Rights' Jack Slate, he's apparently unable to perform slow-motion bullet-time-style dives, which was an essential move in that game. However, Extreme Force's leading man can still flatten his back against a wall and step out to take a quick shot at his foes.

    He'll also be able to stealthily kill foes who are unaware of his presence, as well as call for assistance from nearby friendly snipers, among others. All this combines to give the gameplay a decidedly different feel from Dead to Rights, despite the obvious similarities in terms of the scale and mechanics.

    Extreme Force is running smoothly and already seems to play pretty well, but it's still a ways off--it's slated for release in October. At E3, there are two missions and a training level on display, and some of the graphics and settings are clearly lifted from Dead to Rights. We only played the Xbox version, though Extreme Force: Grant City Anti-Crime is slated for release on the PS2 and GameCube as well. Dead to Rights featured some very exciting gun battles, and some decent martial arts sequences too, so we're looking forward to seeing how this follow-up game pans out.

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    Dead to Rights gave me motion sickness. It was funny cause that is the only game that makes me like that. My friends loved it but everytime I played I would become sick on the stomach and have a major headache. that was when I played not watched. thats wierd aint it? Anyway this game was good and even had me on the edge of my seat when I wasnt involved. They need to work on the camera views on the sequel. I think that was my problem. They need to keep the blood when Shadow (his dog) attacks the people- that was awesome. I thought even watching the shootouts was great. Maybe I need to take a Tylenol and stick it out because it will be worth it. I hope.

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