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Thread: XBox problem, anyone know what the problem is? Need help please

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    Default XBox problem, anyone know what the problem is? Need help please

    It all started when I was playing Ghost Recon IS Online and either during the game, or the during the near end I could hear the CD spinning then slow down and then a clicking noise, it would repeat itself over and over, then after the game was over and we'd get to the scores screen, it would still be happening, I'd press next to get to the next screen and It would freeze telling me Disc Read Error. It would do this alot of time at the same screen with that clicking noise at the end.

    Then I get Madden 2004, play it, everything is good untill I pause the game and it freezes and tells me Disc Read Error, shut off and turn back on. The Disc Read Error happend another time while playing and or I paused the game on in one of the menus. Then I'm watchin the SB and I decided to take over 1 team to change some settings, I back out and I press Resume and well, the game freezes right there soon as it exits, and I get a buzzing sound and it's stuck on that frame but doesn't do anything or no Disc Read Error.

    I had enough of the Disc Read Error and decided to call XBox Tech Support, told him what happend and he told me to put in a music CD, CD would spin then slow down but nothing would happen, and he said he expected that, either my HD is screwed or my lens.

    Anyone know what causes this or who had thease problems before? Thanks.

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    You should go buy a CD Lense cleaner from anywhere to see if cleaning the lense will help. If not, then I hope your Xbox is still under warranty so you can send it in and get free service. Good luck.

    Oh, and welcome to XBA.

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