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Thread: Doom 3 Xbox Developer Reconfirmed

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    Sleeping Doom 3 Xbox Developer Reconfirmed

    Doom 3 Xbox Developer Reconfirmed

    September 03, 2003 - Somewhat strangely, Activision has announced that Vicarious Visions is developing Doom 3 for the Xbox, despite this being revealed and confirmed some time ago. Instead of posting the incredibly short press release that says no more than I have already, I shall post the 'About Vicarious Visions' section for those unfamiliar with the studio:

    Vicarious Visions (, a leading independent game development studio, has gained critical acclaim with hit titles for top brands such as Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, Spider-Man, Crash Bandicoot, SpongeBob Square Pants and Star Wars. VV games are known for pushing technical boundaries to deliver addictive gameplay and immersive art that bring favorite characters and worlds to life for portable, console, and PC gamers. Vicarious Visions is also home to the pioneering Intrinsic Alchemy middleware technology and tools, which are being used to power hit titles in development at Activision, Konami, Sega, Vivendi Universal Games and other studios worldwide.

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    good news!!!

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    Hope this one will come in time !!! Hopefully.......
    Back into the world of gaming.

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