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    Default HL:2 stuffs

    "Half-Life 2" and its DirectX capabilities have been critically hailed by GameSpot, which recently wrote, "'Half-Life 2's' characters are so detailed that even [their] eyes are modeled in great detail. So when [one character] was made to look toward the screen, the effect was that she was looking right at us, rather than staring blankly at nothing, as game characters tend to do. ... These are definitely some of the better-looking real-time 3-D characters that we've seen in a PC game to date."

    For PC.....looks like it is going to be pretty sweet.

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    I can't wait for it to hit XBox too. I want to see what the box in HD can do compared to a PC. I'll be getting it for PC for because the 9800 Pro will look too sweet not to get it on the PC, but I still want to see it on XBox, maybe even pick it up used.

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