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Thread: XBOX in video game shootout with PS2

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    Default XBOX in video game shootout with PS2

    Since the world's biggest computer software company Microsoft released XBOX two years ago, the game console market has become a battleground in the struggle between the US and the Japanese powerhouses.

    XBOX is facing fierce competition from Sony's PS2 and the price reductions and PR strategies adopted by both companies have reached a fever pitch.

    In Taiwan, the Chinese XBOX was released last Christmas and caused a frenzy among game-console fans. The direct advantage for consumers was that a PS2 console, which cost over NT$15,000 or even in some cases NT$20,000, dropped to less than NT$7,000.

    "The result of price reductions has been market expansion. Apparently more people have become TV game consumers. According to Microsoft Taiwan's market analysis, XBOX has been attracting consumers who did not care for TV games, as well as those who were already into PC games. However, the switch of PS2 users to XBOX did not happen on a large scale," said Grace Chou, Microsoft Taiwan's Home and Entertainment Division Manager.

    Back into the world of gaming.

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    I wonder how they got their statistics. I work at an electronics retailer part-time and nearly every customer that purchases an XBox already owns a PoS2.

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