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Thread: what would you recomend

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    Question what would you recomend

    ill be getting xbl soon and i want to have a sports game. I dont know which ones there are because i was never much into the genre

    so what are the best xbl games for each sport

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    XBA's review of ESPN NHL 2k4 by CrazyCougar-XBA

    XBA's review of ESPN NFL 2k4 by myself

    I would say for the best XBL experience to go with the ESPN series. I'm totally hooked on NFL and the DDC is running a league for it also if your interested.

    Fever is eh, I've never been impressed with MS sport games though, and this one is no different.

    For basketball, I'd also say go with the ESPN series.

    Hockey - well, last year, ESPN was the only one on Live, but now MS came out with Rivals and it's just as bad as Fever in my opinion. ESPN's 2nd year on their near-perfect release of their hockey game last year is just as close to being perfect again this year.

    Tennis - Only option I'm aware of that will be online is Top Spin, by MS. Check out the Charts menu on the top menu bar here and it shows what everyone thinks about the games here.

    Btw, welcome to XBA and XboxLive. Click on the link in my sig if your interested in the DDC League.


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