The intense action of a Hollywood car chase takes an interactive spin as Majesco, one of the fastest-growing publishers of interactive entertainment, today announced Maximum Chase exclusively for the Xbox video game system from Microsoft. Developed by Genki in conjuction with Microsoft, Maximum Chase puts players into a mission-based, driving/action game inspired by some of Hollywood's greatest chase scenes.

"Partnering with Microsoft Game Studios to bring Maximum Chase to North America is very exciting for Majesco," said Ken Gold, Vice President of Marketing. "Maximum Chase's unique blend of game play makes it a worthy addition to Majesco's fall lineup."

In Maximum Chase, players assume the role of police investigator Rick Summer, who must foil a plot to blow up the city, while helping a mysterious woman on the run from shadowy pursuers. Two game play modes allow players to both drive and shoot their way through 20 levels of intense car chase sequences. Set in the traffic-snarled streets of Los Angeles, players must outrun enemies and police, shooting out tires and taking down rival helicopters.

Download here