What does Xbox Live feature?

Besides online gaming and downloadable content Xbox Live features a community. When I first logged on I thought talking on a microphone to a bunch of strangers is going to feel quite weird but it doesn’t. Sure at first you may be a little shy and only keep comments to a minimal but I can almost guarantee after a few hours you will be having conversations in game. When you meet someone you like or want to play with again you can add them to your friends list. Doing this allows you to see if they are online and join up in their games or invite them into your own game. Xbox Live now also features a voice chat section in the new dashboard, so if you just want to chat with some friends you can.

XSN Sports is a feature that is set to become really big really fast soon. Although it is already Live for NFL Fever 2004, the system is still only in pre-season mode and probably won’t completely launch until games such as Top Spin and Amped 2 are out sometime next month or in December. What XSN sports will allow you to do is run your own competitions in private leagues, with web generated tables and statistics for you to look at when your not on Live.