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Thread: Im still not really fond of madden but...

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    Default Im still not really fond of madden but...

    l love the acclerated time feature... i can now play a full 60 minute game now in a little more than an hour...and it makes the number of plays and the score a lot more realistic... for those who dont know what it basically takes 20 seconds off the play clock in hyper speed before each play (except when there is 2 minutes left)..and if they game clock isnt stopped it will also take 20 seconds off it to(unless of course its inside 2 minutes) instead of waiting 20 seconds sitting there waiting for the clock to run on plays to burn down the time, you save 20-30 seconds each play the math...maybe 150 plays in a game? 20 seconds each play... 3 plays a're saving about/at least an hour in time... not to mention the fact that the stupid AI hikes the ball with about 35 seconds left on the play clock.. with the accelerated time they usually hike it with 10 left..
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    I only play NCAA football 2004. It's playclock is 25 seconds, 20 seconds after a delay of game. When I played Madden at a friends it was crazy how much time you have to choose a play. It was alright in that I had time to eat, take a drink, look through the playbook twice, pick a play and then snap the ball.....but it got old fast.

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    I like the graphics and gameplay of Madden so much better than espn. Just imo.

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    I actually like both the ESPN and the Madden franchises. Both games do have their pluses and minuses. I guess its because I have been a Madden and Sega 2K series fan since the beginning of both. My first Madden game was with the SNES in 1991 and my first Sega 2K games was when I bought NBA 2K, NFL 2K, and Soul Calibur for the Dreamcast on September 11, 1999 at Sears. Two weeks ago at my local EB Games, I bought ESPN Football, ESPN Basketball, ESPN Hockey, and Soul Calibur 2 (along with 7 other games). It was like deja vu for me.

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    i wish i could mass game buy like you..

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