Poll: Is Amped 2 designed woth the Xbox controller in mind???

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    (This may sound a little silly). I rented SSX Tricky the other week and soon realised that they hadnt ported it with the controller in mind (with the triggers for 2 of the grabs, the other two on the main controller and the modifier on the main controller) and Ive heard so many people say that Amped 2 totally rules, so i just wondered is the game made the the Xbox controller in mind??? (I have 2 controller S's)

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    Ofcourse it was. The game was developed and published by Microsoft Studios and is exclusive to the XBox. If it wasn't designed with the Xbox's controller in mind, I would be very sceptical of Microsofts developing quality.

    Anyhow, it's a great game. Some poeple don't like the controls becuase they aren't exactly like Tony Hawk though, which is retarded. It isn't a skateboarding game, nor is it Tony Hawk, nor developed by a multiplatform developer. It is a snowboarding game, designed by Microsoft in conjunction with real snowboarders for the Xbox.
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    The Amped controls are pretty damn sweet. I honestly think that they couldn't have set them up better.

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